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Windows Software by Gregory Braun
Software Design - Windows Software by Gregory Braun

All of the MS Windows software at this web site is designed and written by Gregory Braun. My software design philosophy is to create small, fast-loading Windows programs and utilities that do one specific thing very well.

Simple, clean running, intuitive interfaces are a hallmark of my designs. The software you see listed below is thoroughly tested and used on a daily basis. Many of my programs have been reviewed in the major computer magazines and have won the highest awards.

All of my software will run on all versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition ME and Windows 98 as well as Windows 95/NT systems.

                       MS Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 & 95

Click your mouse on the program icons or underlined software titles listed below to view descriptions of those programs that interest you.

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All of the software listed at this web site has been independently tested and certified by Softpedia to be 100% clean, and free of any type of spyware, adware or computer viruses.

Software Certified by Softpedia

  Security & Encryption

Password Keeper Password Keeper 2000 v7.2
Safely store your account passwords for quick retrieval
Updated: April 3rd, 2013
BlowFish BlowFish 2000 v3.4
Quickly encrypt your sensitive files and folders
Updated: April 27th, 2013
File Shredder File Shredder 2000 v4.5
Completely remove sensitive files from your disk drives
Updated: April 27th, 2013
Disk CleanUp Disk CleanUp 2000 v5.4
Clean up deleted files on any drive
Updated: May 21st, 2013
Phantom Desktop Phantom Desktop Screen Saver v3.0
Download this free MS Windows screen saver
Updated: April 10th, 2013
Crypto Crypto 2000 v4.8
Quickly encrypt your sensitive files and folders
Updated: May 23rd, 2013

  Business & Organizers

CardBase CardBase 2000 v4.0
Store names, numbers and web sites in this address book and dialer
Updated: May 20th, 2013
ClipText ClipText v2.1
Quickly copy stored text clippings to the Windows Clipboard
Updated: January 3rd, 2014
Calendar Calendar 2000 v4.9
Display a small monthly calendar on the Windows desktop
Updated: April 27th, 2013
NoteBook NoteBook 2000 v5.7
Store notes and to-do lists for easy reference
Updated: April 29th, 2013
Reminders Reminders 2000 v4.2
Create reminder messages for important events
Updated: April 9th, 2013
Unit Conversions Unit Conversions 2000 v2.7
Quickly convert units of measure from one system to another
Updated: April 11th, 2013

  Graphics & Design

Screen Loupe Screen Loupe 2000 v6.0
Magnify your desktop and capture screen images
Updated: April 27th, 2013
FontShow FontShow 2000 v3.8
Preview and print fonts with this easy to use viewer
Updated: May 22nd, 2013
Audition Audition 2000 v4.5
Play all of the WAV sound files found in any folder
Updated: April 27th, 2013
Icon Extractor Icon Extractor 2000 v4.4
View and extract icons from any file and save them as ICO files
Updated: June 8th, 2013
RGB Editor RGB Editor 2000 v4.0
Edit and view RGB colors for your programming and HTML projects
Updated: April 11th, 2013

  Toolbars & Launchers

ToolBar ToolBar 2000 v7.1
Quickly launch your favorite Windows programs from the desktop
Updated: April 27th, 2013
MiniBar MiniBar v2.1
Launch your programs and utilities from this taskbar toolbar ribbon
Updated: September 23rd, 2013
Tray Tools Tray Tools 2000 v2.7
Quickly launch your favorite programs from the Taskbar Tray
Updated: April 9th, 2013
MIRV 2000 MIRV 2000 v2.8
Try this small multiple program launcher
Updated: April 11th, 2013

  System Utilities

DLL Show DLL Show 2000 v5.7
List DLL dependencies for all running processes
Updated: May 21st, 2013
Error Messages for Windows Error Messages for Windows v3.0
Look up and print MS Windows error codes
Updated: April 5th, 2013
Count Code Count Code v2.1
Count Source Code Lines in C/C++ and Java Files
Updated: January 6th, 2014
AppPaths AppPaths 2000 v3.1
Try this handy free Windows System Registry Tool
Updated: November 25th, 2013
Touch Touch v2.3
Easily change file timestamps and attributes
Updated: September 30th, 2013
wAPI Monitor wAPI Monitor 2000 v3.3
Download this free debugging monitor
Updated: April 29th, 2013


TxEdit TxEdit 2000 v5.7
Edit large ASCII text files using this MDI editor
Updated: April 29th, 2013
File Editor File Editor 2000 v4.0
View and edit any file using this ASCII / Hexadecimal editor
Updated: May 23rd, 2013
Programmer's IDE Programmer's IDE 2000 v3.2
Manage your computer programming and HTML projects
Updated: April 13th, 2013

  Internet & Connectivity

MicroFTP MicroFTP 2000 v2.6
Try this free easy-to-use FTP Client
Updated: May 22nd, 2013
WebTime Cookie Monitor v2.1
Download this free Internet cookie monitoring utility
Updated: November 6th, 2013
WebTime WebTime 2000 v3.9
Download this Internet clock synchronization utility
Updated: April 9th, 2013
Stay Live Stay Live 2000 v3.2
Keep your Internet Dial-Up Connection alive
Updated: April 12th, 2013
Submit It Submit It 2000 v3.5
Submit your programs to software web sites
Updated: April 13th, 2013

  Racing & Hobbies

Lap Timer Lap Timer 2000 v6.3
Download this free slot car racing lap counter
Updated: May 2nd, 2013
Kart Data Kart Data 2000 v3.1
Download this free kart chassis setup utility
Updated: April 11th, 2013
Slot Cars Slot Cars 2000 v3.0
Create an inventory of your slot cars or models
Updated: April 13th, 2013
RR Trains RRTrains 2000 v2.8
Create an inventory of your model railroad collection
Updated: April 13th, 2013

  Fun & Games

BattleStar BattleStar 2000 v3.7
Destroy invading aliens before they overrun the Galaxy
Updated: May 22nd, 2013

  Tool Suites

The Works The Works
Download my entire suite of MS Windows software
Updated: November 25th, 2013

  User Support

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  Shareware Pricing Information

Some of the Windows software program titles available at this web site are distributed as Shareware.

Discount Pricing Plans are now available!

Registered users are entitled to unlimited free updates, as well as telephone and E-Mail support.

The Shareware programs you download are complete, fully functioning programs. They are not crippled in any way, nor do they incorporate nag screens. See the Help file that accompanies the program you download for a Shareware Order Form.

Corporate and Site Licenses are also available.

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