Software Design
Downloading and Installation Instructions


All of the software programs and utilities that you find here on the Software Design web site can be downloaded for installation on your computer.

The process of downloading software involves transferring files from this web site to your computer's local hard drive.

The programs and utilities you download from this web site are all distributed as ZIP archive files. A ZIP file is a compressed file that can be transferred more quickly than normal program files.

To download a ZIP file click your mouse on the underlined file name displayed on each individual program description page. When you select a ZIP file for downloading the following window will appear:


File Download Window


Make certain that the Save this file to disk option is selected and that the Always ask before opening this type of file setting is checked.

Then press the OK button to begin downloading a file.

A second window will now appear asking you to specify the folder you would like to save the file in. You may find that creating a folder named C:\Downloads for saving downloaded files will make this process much easier.


Save As File Dialog


Select a folder to save your downloaded file in and then press the Save button to begin transferring the file to your computer.

The window illustrated below will be displayed while the file is being transferred to your computer:


File Download Progress Window


When the file transfer has been completed the following window will be displayed:


File Download Completed

Now press the Open Folder button to finish this segment of the downloading process.


Extracting Files From a ZIP Archive


At this point you will have successfully downloaded the ZIP file to your computer's local hard drive. The folder window illustrated below will now be displayed on the desktop containing the file that you have just downloaded.


Downloads Folder


Double-click your mouse on the file icon of the ZIP file that you just downloaded.

Note: If you see an error message stating that MS Windows can not open the specified ZIP file then you will need to download unzipping software to continue the installation process. Click you mouse on the following underlined link to download WinZip software before continuing the installation process. Use the same downloading procedure described above to download the WINZIP81.EXE software to your computer and then double-click WINZIP81.EXE to complete the WinZip installation.

The following window will be displayed by your WinZip software:


WinZip Main Window


Double-click your mouse on the Setup file displayed in the WinZip file window to run the installation program.

The following window will be displayed by the setup program:


WinZip Self-Extractor Window


If you are updating a program that you have previously downloaded and installed make sure it is not running before continuing with the setup process.

Press the OK button to continue with the installation process.

The following window will be displayed at this point:


WinZip Installation Window


The installation window illustrated above is used to complete the program setup process.

You may specify a folder other than C:\Program Files\Software by Design if you would like the program installed somewhere else on your hard drive. Unless you have a very good reason for specifying a custom folder you should use the proposed default folder.

Please make certain that both the Overwrite Files Without Prompting and When Done Unzipping Run: options are checked before continuing.

Press the Unzip button to complete the installation process.

The setup program will automatically run the program that you just installed and display the following property sheet:


Explorer Property Sheet


The property sheet illustrated above will be displayed when the program is run for the first time.

Please make certain that the Create a Start Menu Item is checked, and then press the OK button to finish up.


Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded, installed and configured a software program from the Software Design web site.

The instructions described here will also apply to most other software downloaded from the World Wide Web.

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