Touch for Windows v1.5
Copyright 1995-2008 by Gregory Braun. All rights reserved.

Screen Shot

Touch for Windows is a freeware File Manager extension that allows you to "touch" selected files. Touching a file sets the file's modification date and time, handy for new software releases and when "forcing" dependency files to be marked in a Visual Workshop project. Options are also included to quickly lock and unlock selected files.

Touch for Windows also provides three new tool ribbon buttons for customizing the File Manager toolbar used with Windows for Workgroups v3.11.

Touch for Windows can still be used with File Manager even if you are running MS Windows 95/98, 2000 or Windows NT.

Click on the following link to view a screen shot of Touch.


Requires MS Windows v3.x or Windows 95/98, 2000 or NT
Download Download  WTOUCH.ZIP (28K Bytes)
Updated December 12th, 1995
Price Free
Support E-Mail for Touch user support
Certified Software Certified by Softpedia

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