Gregory Braun



Exceptional talent for creating efficient, cost-saving software.

Proven success with designing new software to avoid errors in the original versions.

Diverse experience in a variety of pragmatic software applications, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), high-speed servo and sensor networks, plant floor operator control stations, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems, MS Windows 9x/NT User Interface design and control system configurations.

Skilled at quickly and efficiently acquiring desired information from computer monitoring systems.

Interfaces effectively with engineers and technical experts for the development of software tools.

Experienced software team manager with the proven ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously.

Proficient in C, Assembler, and Pascal programming languages, as well as IBM PC DOS, MS Windows SDK and Macintosh operating systems. Certified Apple Developer (1980s).

Systemic thinker; maintains the broad view while giving precise attention to details.

Skilled with creating well-documented and very readable libraries of software products, and with writing general technical manuals in a manner convenient to and understandable by the user.

Experienced trainer/teacher; frequently assists personnel at all levels with basic instruction and trouble-shooting of systems/applications.

Open and honest employee with excellent communications skills; readily establishes rapport with clients and co-workers.

Fast and eager learner; adapts well to changing business environments.


Developed simple communications among 6+ separately designed subsystems, enabling all to be marketed as a unified controls package.

Linked PLCs and other devices by using modular Object-Based Programming in a network environment, thereby eliminating complex hardware and software interfaces and facilitating development of the modular concept.

Developed automatic software to enable pre-setup of a large folder for a printing plant, resulting in significant cost savings through both eliminating downtime between job runs and allowing reusable settings to be saved for later retrieval.

Design and develop MS Windows 9x/NT applications and utilities available for download directly from my web site on the internet. Over 20,000 Internet users download my software each week.
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Professional Experience
Current Self-Employed
Design, develop and sell MS Windows utility software.
Visit to sample my work.

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (CompuPros, Inc.)
Designed and developed HP/UX C utility programs to transfer database transactions using Oracle Pro*C imbedded SQL functions. Ported MS Windows 9x/NT DLLs to run as shared libraries on HP/UX systems. Developed interface specifications for transferring files between HP/UX and IBM systems.


Norstan Communications, Inc. (Waukesha, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Maxim Group)
Developed MS Windows 9x/NT Computer Telephony applications for the Wisconsin Gas Company and Wisconsin Electric Power Company. Applications included MS Windows NT real-time multi-threaded services, PBX interface modules using Dialogic CT-Connect API. MS Windows 95 user interfaces and Control Panel applets. Developed Serial I/O communications protocols, services and applications to link MS Windows NT Servers with OEM Voice Response Units (VRU/IVR).


HK Systems, Inc. (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Northern Technical Services)
Developed scheduling software for Truck Chassis Manufacturing System. Code was written in ANSI C for DEC Alpha running British Aerospace, plc Distributed Operating System and CIMITAR 2000.


Marshall & Illsley Data Services, Inc. (Brown Deer, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Technology Consulting Corporation)
Developed communications software for interface to credit reporting and scoring systems using Greenleaf Communications libraries for MS DOS and Windows. Project involved design, implementation and testing.


Automated Peripherals, Inc. (Hartford, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Technology Consulting Corporation)
Managed the porting of an MS Windows application written in Visual C/C++ to the Macintosh Power PC using Symantec C/C++. Services also included user interface design and development.


Eder Industries, Inc. (Oak Creek, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (FirsTech Consulting)
Developed MS DOS application software in Microsoft Visual C/C++ to control OEM equipment burn-in and testing. Project included multi-channel serial communications interface using DigiBoard communications co-processor cards.


Corrugated Technologies, Inc. (Racine, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (FirsTech Consulting)
Enhanced an existing MS DOS application controlling corrugated board manufacturing equipment. Maintained and updated OEM communications drivers as per customer specification. Moved application development to MS Windows using Borland C language tools.


Giddings & Lewis (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (AeroTech Incorporated)
Developed testing procedures for next-generation PLC and servo control equipment. Implemented systems used for ISO 9000 certification. Developed MS Windows interface for pilot ladder logic programming system using Microsoft Visual C.


McHugh Freeman & Associates (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Pollock & Scan)
Developed TCP/IP interfaces to stand-alone equipment used in Warehouse Management Systems for Proctor & Gamble’s Max Factor and Cover Girl cosmetics and fragrances division. Application development was carried out on Hewlett Packard HP 9000 systems running HP Unix, Oracle and embedded SQL.


ICOM, Inc. (West Allis, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Data Architects)
Developed Windows software applications for a variety of purposes at management request. Designed Statistical Process Control (SPC) software linking Allen Bradley DataHighway+ to Microsoft Windows, thereby enabling real-time data acquisition from PLCs.


Firestone Tire & Rubber Company (Des Moines, Iowa)
Contract Programmer (TechStaff, Inc.)
Contracted to create interface software between a rubber batching plant, a PC and Honeywell PLCs. Taught C programming techniques to Engineering staff.


Quad/Tech, Inc. (Sussex, Wisconsin)
Software Team Manager
Reported directly to the President/C.E.O. of this corporate entity serving as the technical arm of Quad/Graphics, Inc., a multi-plant printing firm generating $400 million annually. Interfaced directly with Electrical Engineers and Assistant Programmers to generate proprietary control software for use on a complex web press register guidance system and folder unit designed for major international market penetration. Coordinated efforts with team leaders of hardware development and other facets of the overall project. Generated a variety of new software in connection with the project, primarily for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows interfaces (system hardware required Texas Instruments PC to drive PLCs). Programmed in Think LightspeedC for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows SDK. Also produced a serial communications interface library for PC/MS DOS using MASM and MSC; project involved development and implementation of interrupt-driven device drivers, Texas Instruments PLC-to-PC BIOS interface libraries for backplane and serial communications, and a TI PLC packet library for PC/MS DOS, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.


Impact Systems, Inc. (West Allis, Wisconsin)
Developed communications software and specialty fonts for networking and user interfaces with major medical equipment (under contracts from General Electric, Siemens and Kodak).


Montrose Computer Services (Chicago, Illinois)
Contract Programmer (Data Architects)
Generated a database of telephone information encompassing metropolitan Chicago for use by Illinois State Police and other agencies.


Powers Goldsmith Shop (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
Contract Programmer (Data Architects)
Designed and developed diamond appraisal software for use on personal computers.

Independent Software Development

Contributing author to ZD Net, Microsoft Network and C|Net software download sites. Contributions regularly selected as "Reviewer’s Pick’s" and "Top Downloads". Software available for downloading online at on the Internet.

Educational Background

University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
School of Architecture & Urban Planning
General coursework, 1977-1981
Specialty courses in Computer Programming & Industrial Design

Layton School of Art & Design (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Coursework in Industrial Design & Commercial Photography, 1972-1973

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