The Works for Windows
Copyright 1986-2014 by Gregory Braun. All rights reserved.

The Works

This ZIP archive contains the entire suite of Software Design MS Windows 32-bit applications and utility programs available at this web site. All of these program are written by Gregory Braun.

The following 40 programs are included:

AppPaths 2000
Audition 2000

BattleStar 2000
BlowFish 2000

Calendar 2000
CardBase 2000
Cookie Monitor
Count Code
Crypto 2000

Disk CleanUp 2000
DLL Show 2000

File Shredder 2000
FontShow 2000
FxEdit 2000

Icon Extractor 2000

Kart Data 2000

Lap Timer 2000

MicroFTP 2000
MIRV 2000
MS Windows Error Messages

NoteBook 2000

Password Keeper 2000
Phantom Desktop Screen Saver
Programmer's IDE 2000

Reminders 2000
RGB Editor 2000
RRTrains 2000

Screen Loupe 2000
Slot Cars 2000
Stay Live 2000
Submit It 2000

ToolBar 2000
Tray Tools 2000
TxEdit 2000

Unit Conversions 2000

wAPI Monitor 2000
WebTime 2000

Download this one ZIP file to get the latest releases of all MS Windows 32-bit software available at this site.


Runs With Windows Vista, 7, 8, XP, 95/98, ME, 2000 and Windows NT
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Updated January 6th, 2014
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