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AtTrack Review – Pricing, Features, and More (2023)

AtTrack Review

AtTrack is a cutting-edge software solution created to assist companies in streamlining their processes and increasing productivity. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for tracking, managing, and analyzing data from all business areas. So, to make it easier to understand, our AtTrack review will help you learn more about its features and how it can help businesses succeed.

Let’s have a look!

Short AtTrack Review

AtTrack is a project management application that helps companies track their team members’ work progress and provides detailed reports and tips on optimizing the workflow for better results.

It has amazing features to help small businesses, organizations, or freelancers keep track of tasks and progress to ensure a productive work environment.

AtTrack offers add-ons you can add to your plan. This helps you customize the tracking capabilities of the application and make it suitable for your and your organization’s needs.

It allows employees to track their progress during specific tasks. This helps them easily manage their workflow. It gives them insight into their work and how to prioritize tasks to get the best results.

Moreover, AtTrack helps users focus on their work and create productive habits rather than being invasive and stress-inducing.

The application is also fully integrated with Trello and Jira and is available in English and Russian.

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AtTrack dashboard

AtTrack Review: Features


The AtTrack time tracking application is modular software. AtTrack is just a simple time counter program that helps you keep track of time spent working on projects. 

You can add other features to the program by purchasing add-on features like Screenshots, application and URL tracking, activity levels, third-party software integration, and more.

This means that you can fully customize the tracking functions you want for your organization. You can disable unnecessary tracking options you don’t need. This will help you save money on your plan.

Detailed reports

AtTrack provides extremely detailed reports. Employee activity is just the tip of the iceberg. These reports include visualization and project management tools that can help you optimize the budget for the costs involved.

This data is provided in both graphics and table displays. Most used applications, time spent on tasks, highest and lowest productivity points of each workday, billable time, which project they’re working on, and so much more.

Generating employee reports with AtTrack

Team performance management

AtTrack helps you analyze and manage a team’s activity. Project managers can run their respective teams effectively by maintaining a detailed review of their team’s activity.

This helps make quality decisions when delegating work responsibilities, overcoming difficulties, and planning future projects.

AtTrack keeps track of mouse clicks and keystrokes to help you determine which apps are useful and used the most by the team to help you implement changes based on detailed data.

Offline time tracking

AtTrack keeps track of work progress even when offline. While an employee is offline, the tracking data is stored locally. Once the user is back online, the data is synced to their account.

The offline time tracking feature lets your employees add context to their offline time entries. This can help you determine whether the time spent was productive, unproductive, or neutral.

You can better keep track of this by using the approval process setup that lets you manually monitor logged offline time entries.

Jira and Trello integration

AtTrack is fully integrated with Jira and Trello. It offers a streamlined work process with the project management applications by syncing AtTrack and Jira/Trello accounts. 

Time tracked in AtTrack is also displayed in Trello, eliminating unnecessary copy-pasting between apps.

AtTrack offers a way to time specific task cards from Jira/Trello and options to switch between projects without stopping the timer.

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AtTrack integration with Trello feature

Burnout management

Tracking employee productivity can also help you identify burnout. AtTrack notifies you when an employee is reaching concerning levels of burnout. This can help you take action quickly rather than risk losing valuable team members.

App and URL tracking

AtTrack can monitor specific apps and URLs. This can be used to help you determine which apps and sites affect your team’s productivity.

AtTrack lets you customize a list of apps and sites for each employee and place them in a productive, unproductive, and neutral category. This level of customization can help you get a clear picture of employee productivity from different branches, i.e., sales and development.


AtTrack offers the option to take screenshots every 10 minutes during active hours. This can help you take further evidence into your team’s activity. It will not hurt to have concrete evidence if your clients need reassurance that work is in full progress.

It’s worth noting that this is an add-on feature, but more on pricing later.

Autofill task naming

AtTrack helps you save time on tedious task naming. This feature helps your employees save time when starting a task that wasn’t pre-set.

This can be done through the app’s ‘+Create Task’ button, where your employees can manually create and name a new task or simply apply the current name of the document or URL they’re working on as a task name.

AtTrack auto naming task feature


AtTrack provides reports on business operation processes that help you simplify the payment process of your employees. AtTrack’s detailed reports help you generate accurate invoices for every employee based on their work and send them out to clients.

The payment history is stored within AtTrack, which helps you save time and money and gives you full control and an overview of the accounting records.

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AtTrack Review: Pricing

There are three pricing plans for AtTrack: the Basic, Pro, and Business.

There is a one-month free trial period available with all features included. This can help you understand AtTrack’s capabilities and choose the correct plan for your organization.

Basic – FREEPro $3 month per userBusiness $5 month per user
Unlimited number of projects and usersTime tracking for projectsOffline time trackingTracked time editingAuto creation of tasksDetailed projects/task reportsEverything in Basic in addition toWorkday statistics dashboardActivity levels for employeesActivity level reportEverything in Pro in addition toTimesheets and attendanceIndividual effectiveness settingsApplication usage reportEffectiveness levels for employeesClient access to data
3 months of data storage1 year of data storage2 years of data storage
3 months of screenshot storage6 months of screenshot storage6 months of screenshot storage

Additional modules

Jira – $0.5/userTrello – $0.5/userScreenshots (10 min) – $1/userInvoicing – $1/userDetailed screenshots – $1/userJira – includedTrello – includedScreenshots (10 min) – includedInvoicing – $1/userDetailed screenshots – $1/userJira – includedTrello – includedScreenshots (10 min) – includedInvoicing – includedDetailed screenshots – $1/user


This was all about the AtTrack review. AtTrack is a powerful and convenient time management tool. 

What makes it convenient is the modularity of the software. Due to the wide range of modules, it can accommodate businesses and organizations of different sizes and goals.

All of the features and the generous price make it an appealing option for a time-tracking solution. User reviews are very positive for this service, although not that many.


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