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11 Best Webinar Software in 2023 (Ranked and Reviewed)

The webinar software is created for Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Webinar Campaigns and Email Automation.
Here’s the list of our top choices to help you decide which webinar platform and software is the best for your needs and budget.

Best For Pre-Recorded Content Presentation

Top Features: Courses,
Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Series Webinars,and Hybrid Webinars

Best For Marketing Strategy Management


EasyWebinar Logo

Top Features: Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, and Integration

Best For Basic Feature Inclusion


Top Features: On-Demand Webinars, Screen Sharing, and Customized Invitations
Best For Business Promotion


Demio Logo

Top Features: Webinar Campaign, CRM Integration, and ROI Webinars

Best For CRM Incorporation 



Top Features: Page Building, Automated Webinars, and Email Automation

Best Webinar Software

Taking an interest in marketing, coaching, or sales can be one step closer to reaching your desired goals. But what if I told you that using the best webinar software can help you reach out to your audience and make a name for yourself?

The Internet has offered many possibilities for marketers, and you could use every one of them. Nowadays, gathering people from all around the world in one virtual room is easier than ever. The best part about it is that anyone can do it from the comfort of their own homes. 

I have created a list containing our top choices to help you decide which webinar platform and software is the best for your needs and budget. All of these softwares are proven to be effective in hosting webinars by offering advanced features that everyone can learn.

What Is the Best Webinar Software?

You can find a suitable one in this article depending on what you need webinar software for. If you want to save money, choose a free option such as Livestorm. Choosing Demio may make investing in your business and marketing strategies even easier. 

It all comes down to your determination and drive when it comes to hosting webinars. The products on this list offer you some options for easy navigation in the world of online meetings. 

Some of these softwares even offer the possibility of posting pre-recorded videos to save you time and stress. Most of the included platforms are only accessible by paying for a subscription, either monthly or annually. 

Among these webinar platforms, I found options for everyone’s needs and preferences. Most of them are focused on helping users understand the process of creating and posting webinars, while others include marketing tools for business promotion.

I reviewed multiple webinar software providers to help determine the 11 best webinar software for small and large businesses. My rankings are based on expert reviews, price range, the number of features included, and customer ratings on their official websites. 

1. Webinar Ninja


Our Take

With Webinar Ninja, you can schedule Live Webinars, Courses also you can track your sales by reviewing the analytics on their website

Best ForPre-Recorded Content Presentation
PriceClick to reveal

14 Days Free
Top Feature Automated Webinars

Key Features

The newest feature of Webinar Ninja is the Creation of Courses. What you need to do is simply add your pre-recorded session and set your price and Webinar Ninja takes care of the rest. You can track your sales by reviewing the analytics on their website. You can also run live courses in any language with this feature.

The inclusion of the Live Webinar feature is what makes Webinar Ninja the best webinar software for content creators and coaches. This is a go-to platform for public speakers because it allows you to upload videos, handouts, and polls.

Technical problems are a thing of the past with the Automated Webinars feature of Webinar Ninja. You can record a lesson and schedule when it will be posted. After your clients and students watch the webinar, you can contact them through email or phone.

Frequently you want lengthy recordings to fit in a single webinar session. That’s why Webinar Ninja has included the Series Webinar feature. This allows you to create extended content and provide in-depth training for your attendees.

Even though uploading pre-recorded content would be much easier for you, clients often prefer the intimacy of live interaction. Now, you can do both using this platform’s Hybrid Webinar feature. You can upload the content while simultaneously answering questions in the chat box.

User Experience

Users of this platform love the simplicity of Webinar Ninja. Although it is very easy to use, it allows them to do much for their small businesses and careers. 

Everything is in one place, from uploading resources and going live to building a landing page. That’s why it is ranked 4.3.



If you are an independent presenter just starting to figure out how to work live sessions, you can choose the Basic Webinar Ninja Plan. It costs $29 a month, and up to 50 attendees can join your webinar.

The Pro Webinar Ninja Plan can invite 100 attendees. It also allows businesses to have up to four guest presenters. Also, it includes the feature of a 1-on-1 Onboarding Call, and this plan costs $99 a month.

You can host long webinars, even eight-hour sessions if you choose the Webinar Ninja Business Plan. One hundred live attendees can listen to 10 guest presenters with this plan. However, this option is more costly in comparison to others – $199 a month. 


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced features
  • Great customer service
  • Quick set-up
  • Simple page customization


  • Limited template options
  • The session closes after five minutes if the host leaves

2. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar Logo

Our Take

An EasyWebinar is a way to go if you want to avoid showing your clients blurry presentations. It’s great for Live Webinars and Integrations.

Best ForMarketing Strategy Management
PriceClick to reveal
Promotion14 Days Trial
Top FeatureAutomated Webinars

Key Features

With EasyWebinar, going live has never been easier. Not only is it very simple to set up even if you are not tech-savvy, but also there are no interruptions. An EasyWebinar is a way to go if you want to avoid showing your clients blurry presentations.

Growing a business sometimes requires the implementation of a good marketing strategy. With Automated Webinars on this platform, you can post pre-created content that generates leads. This is also a great way of repurposing content, converting it from live to automated series. 

If you want to connect softwares because you believe this can bring in more registrants, check out the EasyWebinar Integration Feature. This allows you to add clients to integrate with your email provider automatically.

User Experience

Experts in online marketing have expressed their satisfaction with EasyWebinar. They report that this platform is not just another flashy software. Instead, it is built to grow user experience and understand the needs of all attendees. 

In 2023, Easy Webinar was ranked 4.5.



EasyWebinar offers a free trial during which you can explore its features and decide whether it is the best webinar software for you. This platform allows users to try the standard and the pro plan for free before purchasing them.

The Standard EasyWebinar Plan is $99 a month, and it includes all of the standard features.

The Pro EasyWebinar Plan offers more than that. All standard features, including the custom fields added, will cost you $199 a month.

If you want to create a full webinar training package and explore all the features you can use, the best option is the EasyWebinar Enterprise Plan for a monthly fee of $499.


  • Real-time chat
  • High-quality picture
  • Comes with instructions
  • Good audio
  • Countdown webinar timers


  • Expensive

3. ClickMeeting

Our Take

Business owners are always on the hunt for a good webinar solution. With ClickMeeting, they can include unlimited online meetings and webinars with real-time chat features. 

Best ForBasic Feature Inclusion
PriceClick to reveal
Promotion30 Days Trail
Top Feature On-Demand Webinars

Key Features

Users can share their online event content and allow their audience to watch it from anywhere, at any time. The On-Demand Webinars feature on ClickMeeting can generate more leads and monetize your input. Besides that, it is effective and not time-consuming.

You can use the Screen Sharing feature on this platform to engage and interact with your clients. Presenting and sharing content in this way gives you more freedom to experiment with all options provided by ClickMeeting. A presentation tool and whiteboard are also included in the screen-sharing feature.

Making your content stand out is very important for inviting more clients. That is why ClickMeeting offers the Customized Invitations feature. With this tool, you can easily select a template, include the necessary information, and send them to everyone from your address book.

You can automate different types of content with ClickMeeting. This platform can do everything from training sessions and online courses to town hall meetings and deal closing. All it takes is recording the content once and making money from it over and over again.

User Experience

Business owners are always on the hunt for a good webinar solution. With ClickMeeting, they can include unlimited online meetings and webinars with real-time chat features. 

What they enjoy the most is the option to reach out to a broader audience, ranking it 4.6.



To start, ClickMeeting allows its users to take advantage of the 30-day free trial. During this time, you will be able to invite 25 attendees and explore the ways in which live, automated, and on-demand webinars work.

The ClickMeeting Live Plan offers all features needed for running a successful online business for $25 a month. The Automated ClickMeeting Plan is the most popular option on their website. It includes all features and integrations for $40.

They also have a Custom Plan suitable for large companies that want to invite up to 10,000 attendees.


  • No installation needed
  • Breakout rooms
  • Paid webinars
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Moderated & Private chat


  • Not the best customer service

4. Demio

Demio Logo

Our Take

Posting webinar campaigns to promote your business in the most creative way is now very easy with Demio. It’s great for Webinar Campaign and CRM Integration.

Best ForBusiness Promotion
PriceClick to reveal
Promotion14 Days Trial
Top FeatureROI Webinars

Key Features

Posting webinar campaigns to promote your business in the most creative way is now very easy with Demio. With this feature, you can also keep track of which attendees are the most engaged and focused during the sessions.

Businesses that use webinars for marketing purposes can further motivate their clients with Demio’s CRM Integration feature. You can combine the data from your webinar with your CRM and determine which attendees need to be prioritized. 

If you are busy running and managing your business, there is a way of maintaining your webinar activity in a passive way. Simply pre-record webinar sessions and put them on autopilot. This will help you generate more leads even when you sleep.

User Experience

Because of the huge variety of features offered by Demio, some users see it as the best webinar software. They have reported that their attendance has increased by 15% by using this platform. 

Long-term users have ranked Demio 4.0.



Solo entrepreneurs and small business owners can make great use of Demio’s Starter Plan. It costs $59 a month, and it includes standard features. With this plan, you can have only one host, and the duration of the sessions is limited to three hours. The number of allowed attendees is 50.

If your business is slowly but surely growing, you might need more than 50 attendees. To get bigger webinar rooms with 150, 500, or even 1,000 attendees, get the Demio Growth Plan. The monthly payment per host using this plan is $109.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Registration embedding
  • Customizable domains


  • No option for a free plan

 5. WebinarJam


Our Take

We are choosing WebinarJam because it’s good for Page Building and Automated Webinars, by using WebinarJam for this purpose, you can easily schedule a series of reminders automatically sent to your client’s emails.

Best ForPrivate & Professional CRM Incorporation
PriceClick to reveal
Promotion30 Days Trial
Top Feature Email Automation

Key Features

What makes WebinarJam one of the unique webinar platforms is the inclusion of the Page Building feature. Use one of their point-and-click templates to make your page look more professional and invite more clients. Customizing your content will make your event more attractive to the audience.

To make your life easier, WebinarJam offers the feature of Automated Webinars. Take a session that you recorded in the past and post it as new content to engage your attendees. This gives you the freedom to focus on CRM while increasing your webinar performance at the same time.

To ensure that your clients never forget the scheduled timing of your webinar, turn on the Email Automation feature. Using WebinarJam for this purpose, you can easily schedule a series of reminders automatically sent to your client’s emails.

User Experience

People who have been using WebinarJam for a long time say that with this platform, they can create webinars very quickly. Also, they haven’t noticed glitches or technical problems while using this webinar software. 

The overall rating of WebinarJam is 3.7.



For up to 100 attendees, you can use the Starter Plan of WebinarJam. InThislan will offer limited webinars, fully customizable pages, and an on-screen whiteboard. All features included in the starter plan are worth $39 a month.

The Basic WebinarJam Plan costs $79 a month. For this price, you will get a larger room inviting 500 attendees, two hosts, and the possibility of scheduling automated webinars. The option of using the panic button is included in the Professional Plan for $229 a month.

The most expensive pricing option of WebinarJam is the Enterprise Plan. However, for $379 a month, you will have the opportunity to reach out to 5,000 attendees and use the control panel to your advantage.


  • Paid webinars
  • Integrates with CRM
  • Instant performance statistics


  • Users are billed annually
  • It is difficult to cancel your subscription

6. EverWebinar


An Ever Webinar is a webinar platform that can be used in combination with WebinarJam. It is a very useful software that doesn’t require downloads. You can repurpose content you post on other webinar platforms and re-upload it on Ever Webinar.

Key Features

Previous live webinars that you have uploaded on WebinarJam can now be converted to EasyWebinar. With only one click, you can replicate every second of your pre-recorded session and present it to your audience as a way of engaging with them.

Avoiding waiting times and scheduling procedures is possible with Ever Webinar. Because this platform includes the On-Demand Webinar feature, the attendees will always be on time to watch your webinar. Clients can join with no hassle, even if the session is in progress.

There is a Hybrid Webinar feature included in this platform. You can use it by live chatting with attendees while they are watching the webinar. This is a great method of proving to all clients that you have taken the time to explain everything in detail to them.

Live interaction on Ever Webinar can be further stimulated with the Polls & Surveys feature. This will help you understand your client’s needs and preferences, which can increase the performance of your webinar in the future.

User Experience

Users have been satisfied with the features offered by Ever Webinar, saying that it is a solid platform that is easy to use. They also find the frequent updates on the website very helpful and the customer support very responsive. 

The ranking of Ever Webinar is 3.0.


If you want to try how this webinar platform works before you commit to a subscription, check out their free option. They offer a 30-day free trial and a money guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with its performance. Also, you can cancel the free trial whenever you want.

A yearly subscription for an Easy Webinar account is $499. For this price, you will get all the standard and advanced features that are included in this webinar platform. You can use it without restrictions, the time limit on sessions, and the option for flexible scheduling.

After one year of using Ever Webinar, you will be able to decide whether this webinar software is a good solution for you. If you are satisfied with all features, you can choose the Biennial Ever Webinar Plan for $874 and get three months for free.


  • On-screen offers
  • Live chat simulator
  • Maximizes conversion


  • It is expensive
  • It doesn’t offer a monthly plan

7. GetResponse


Initially, the creation of webinars is a complicated process. But what if I can prove you wrong? Beginner-friendly webinar platforms such as GetResponse can guide you through the entire process of creating and monetizing your webinars.

Key Features

If you are in the beginning stages of jump-starting your own business, you will also need a brand name. To make your business stand out, you can customize your URL by using GetResponse. In this way, you will be able to get more leads for a very affordable price.

GetResponse also includes a Webinar Builder that is very easy to use without having to download anything. It allows you to host unlimited webinars, have multiple presenters, engage with up to 1,000 attendees, and store content that you have pre-recorded.

The marketing tools offered by GetResponse are completely free. The idea of using webinar software without having to pay much is a great solution for beginners. This platform can help you promote your webinar on SEO-optimized pages and integrate with CRM with only one click.

User Experience

Many successful business owners who felt lost in the beginning have found their solution on GetResponse. Because of the fact that you can set up your account and study the features before paying, users get a feeling of being appreciated and understood. 

The ranking of GetResponse is 4.6.


The free option of GetResponse will let you host events with 500 contacts. This plan also includes features for email marketing and a website builder.

If you want to use GetResponse merely for email marketing, you can pay $16 a month and invite 1,000 attendees to your webinar. This option also includes unlimited landing pages and autoresponders.

The Marketing Automation GetResponse Plan is the users’ top choice. It costs $54 a month, and it is suitable for webinar creators. It also allows users to track their contacts and sales funnels at all times. The E-commerce Marketing Pricing Plan with promo codes can be accessed by paying a monthly fee of $106.

Larger companies can use the GetResponse Custom Pricing Plan. By choosing this option, users are guaranteed to receive premium features that can help them grow their business even more and host webinars with many attendees. 


  • Connected with SEO
  • Business-based online events
  • Registration templates included


  • The free plan is not tailored for webinars
  • Must get a customer service response to cancel your subscription

8. Webex


A relatively new platform that is used for online meetings and webinars is Webex. This is a web conferencing company by Cisco that offers AI features for cloud calling and simplified management of webinars.

Key Features

You need a good webinar platform to reach your audience globally and provide them with an impactful webinar experience. Webex includes marketing tools that can help you plan your events, find ways of engaging your audience, and measure your events’ success.

If you want to group and combine multiple webinars at once, Webex offers the Webinar Series feature. By using this option, your attendees will register more easily. It also allows you to invite collaborators to your events to maximize user experience.

While the webinar is being carried out, you can also share your screen and present important information to your audience in a visual way. For example, YoStreaming video files, writing on the whiteboard, and annotating shared content live.

Moderately answering your attendees’ questions during the webinar is also possible with Webex. In addition, you can live chat with your clients, post polls and surveys, and divide them into breakout sessions.

The most advanced feature of Webex is its real-time translation. This feature allows coaches and creators to reach out to many people from all over the world by providing live translations of your webinar to the attendees.

User Experience

Users of Webex praise this webinar platform for its safety. In comparison to other webinar softwares, the setup for Webex is also extremely simple. Their customer support is also said to be very understanding and quick to respond. 

Those are the reasons why Webex is ranked 4.4.


For an attendee capacity of 1,000, Webex charges its users a monthly fee of $68.75. If you want to be billed annually for this plan, the cost is $675. If you choose this option, you can host unlimited webinars, track the activity of all attendees and post on-demand content.

If you want to host webinars with 3,000 attendees, your monthly fee will be $795. A Webex Webinar Plan with 5,000 attendees costs $1,950, whereas reaching a broad audience of 10,000 people will require you to pay $4,950 per month.

There is also an option of choosing a Custom Pricing Webex Webinar Plan. This pricing plan will allow you to invite over 10,000 attendees, custom branded pages, and present live recordings and automated webinars to your clients.


  • Translates during a live webinar session
  • Polls can be answered live
  • Easy webinar session scheduling
  • User-friendly


  • Sales must be contacted before you can use Webex
  • Live translations cost extra money
  • The web version is slower and less efficient

9. Livestorm


Are you searching for an all-in-one platform for your webinars and video conferences? Try Livestorm – a webinar software that can improve your attendance rate and help you save time during content planning and preparation.

Key Features

If you want to host short webinars with around 30 attendees, Livestorm is the best webinar software for you. Without having to pay anything, you will be able to gather small teams to watch your 20-minute content uninterrupted.

Some businesses simply prefer hosting shorter webinars and online conferences because the attention span of clients is engaged in this way. Twenty-five different speakers can host the webinars on Livestorm and receive analytics at the same time.

This is one of the webinar platforms that have an application programming interface. This can improve communication with all attendees by also connecting it to Zapier. Even though this might sound like a complicated process, Livestorm performs it automatically for you.

In addition, content creators and business owners can provide email support to their clients by using this webinar software. They can also answer the questions provided by attendees while they are listening to the webinar.

User Experience

Since Livestorm offers the possibility of scheduling webinar reminders for all attendees, this platform’s users have found it very convenient. They have also reported that the online webinars they host have provided their clients with real experiences. 

The rating of Livestorm is 4.3.


This is a software platform that is completely free for all users. There is no additional software that should be downloaded, which saves time, money, and stress for webinar creators. All you have to do is create an account on Livestorm and start uploading content immediately.

If you want to host larger webinars but still want to witness the performance of Livestorm, try their Pro Pricing Plan. For a monthly fee of $79, you can reach out to 100 contacts, receive advanced features, and have unlimited team members.

Livestorm also has a Business Pricing Plan and an Enterprise Pricing Plan. The cost for these plans is customizable, and you need to contact sales before purchasing these types of services. VIP support, Flexible Extra active contacts Info and Access to Livestorm Learning are some of the features included in these plans.


  • Offers an API
  • Provides audience analytics
  • Automatic integration with Zapier


  • The free plan only offers email support
  • The free plan is limited to only 20-minute webinars

10. Zoho Meeting


A virtual conference platform that is also frequently used for webinars is Zoho Meeting. To use this platform, you have to be a Zoho member. Besides that, this webinar software is one of the most secure webinar solutions for online content creators. 

Key Features

To enhance your online presence and engage with your audience on a personal level, you can start creating webinars with Zoho Meeting. This platform allows users to conduct on-demand or live events, share their screen with attendees, and record their sessions for future reference.

Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, Zoho Meeting can plan your online events for you. It helps you customize your content based on your needs and business goals to help you reach the full potential of your business or service.

With Zoho Meeting, you can also schedule your events. It allows you to set up numerous reminders and send out invites to attendees based on your webinar schedule. Technical support is always provided by this software platform in case you come across any software issues.

The Comprehensive Analytics feature of Zoho Meeting is very useful for users because they can generate detailed reports on registrants. In addition, you will be allowed to create interactive polls and answer questions to analyze your audience’s engagement levels.

User Experience

CRM users, creative directors, and content creators have used Zoho Meeting to improve audience engagement. The majority of Zoho users have stated that their professional status has been enhanced since they started using this webinar platform. 

The Zoho Meeting ranking is 4.5.


A 14-day free trial is offered to users of Zoho Meeting. By using the free option, you will be able to host 60-minute webinars with 100 attendees. Screen sharing and live chat features are also included for people who choose to try out Zoho Meeting for free.

You can choose the Standard Pricing Option if you want to upgrade your webinar performance and invite more attendees to your sessions. This plan requires users to pay a monthly fee of $180 and invite up to 3,000 attendees.

An even better webinar solution is choosing the Zoho Meeting Premium Pricing Plan. Not only will you be able to invite 3,000 attendees to your webinar, but you will also receive advanced features with this plan for $300 a month.


  • It includes the option of attendees speaking
  • Downloading additional software is not required
  • You can easily customize emails


  • The recording sessions feature requires paying
  • A subscription fee is needed for integration

11. BigMarker

Webinar platforms have started popping out seemingly out of nowhere. However, BigMarker is the best webinar software with modern features that are also easy to use. 

Using this software is an innovative way of engaging with your attendees and growing your audience.

Key Features

Being familiar with the struggle of speaking in front of many people, experienced marketers created this platform to make the lives of entrepreneurs a little easier. They included useful features in BigMarker, which are proven to help build your business from the ground up.

You can host multiple different types of webinars on BigMarker. Some of them include live webinars, simulative webinars, recurring webinars, on-demand webinars, and webinar series. Additionally, you can stream your webinar sessions to social media platforms using this webinar software.

Customizing your webinar landing page is what draws attendees into joining, and BigMarker is aware of that. Because of this, it offers more than 15 templates to choose from, and you can create your own landed branding pages.

BigMarker can also send invites to all registrants and inform them about the time your webinar will be held. It can also be integrated with CRM and MAS to generate data through polls, Q&As, and additional submission forms.

A user-favorite feature of BigMarker is the Simulated Live Webinar. It allows you to give host webinar sessions as if it’s live even though you are posting already prepared content. Record your webinar in advance, schedule the playtime, and avoid the pressure of live audiences.

User Experience

BigMarker has been regarded as the most professional webinar software by several businesses and entrepreneurs. Even the most experienced speakers sometimes struggle with stage fright, which is why they ranked BigMarker 4.5.


BigMarker offers a specially designed Webinar Pricing plan for its users. If you are a beginner in webinar creation, a good option for you is to choose their Basic Plan. This $89 monthly plan is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses that host webinars with up to 1,000 live attendees.

The Enterprise BigMarker Pricing plan can welcome up to 10,000 attendees for a monthly subscription of $199. In this plan, users will receive the privilege of hosting 24/7 webinars, breakout rooms, and even a Zapier integration.

The most elite and advanced features of BigMarker can be accessed by paying $399 a month for an Enterprise+ Pricing Plan. Five hundred thousand live attendees will be able to join your webinar if you decide to choose this BigMarker Pricing Plan. You will also get Attendee Dial-in, Embeddable Webinar Rooms, and Live Event Monitoring.


  • It offers landing page templates
  • It can integrate with CRM
  • Designed to eliminate the pressure of a live-audience presence


  • It is expensive
  • Impactful webinar types are not available in the basic pricing plan


How do I choose a suitable webinar platform?

Study the features of a webinar platform before you decide to use it. Also, determine how much you will be required to pay for it to ensure you can afford it. 

To choose the most suitable one, browse through all of the options available on the Internet.

Is Zoom a good platform for webinars?

Before relying on this platform, make sure you know the difference between Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars. 

Nowadays, it is very easy to connect with people through Zoom. However, the webinar feature of this platform offers the possibility of hosting large meetings.

Can you make money by hosting webinars?

Hosting webinars are an easy way of building your brand and promoting your business. If you charge people with an admission ticket to your live webinar, this practice may become very profitable for you. 

People are willing to pay money if they get educated in return. 


After extensive research on the best webinar software, I can’t choose only one. This is because many of these software platforms can be used for different purposes. If you want to invest your time and money in marketing and promoting your business, webinar software may be the right choice for you.

Before you decide to buy any of the listed webinar software, make sure its features match the perspective of your business. Clients enjoy learning more about a business or service only if the content presented before them makes sense for the brand, which makes them willing to pay.

Your webinar sessions can become very popular if you commit to posting frequently. A trick that marketers truly love is repurposing their webinars. All of these software platforms can be used for posting pre-recorded webinars and selling them to your clients as live sessions.


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