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Is The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio? (In Depth Review 2023)

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

People face many challenges when searching for a reliable web hosting platform, which oftentimes leads to wondering whether is the best WordPress hosting Convesio or not.

Too much website downtime, complicated jargon, bad or no customer support, lack of scalability, and high prices are some obstacles you may face if you choose the wrong hosting service for your web page.

There is also the issue of security. A web hosting that doesn’t prioritize security may put your whole business in danger by allowing critical data to be stolen. Unprotected websites are vulnerable to malware and hacking attacks and can inflict irreparable damage.

There are a number of ways to keep your WordPress page safe, like having up-to-date software, installing a security plugin, and investing in a quality hosting service.

As one of the most popular content management systems, WordPress has established itself as a go-to solution. However, having it perform at a high level requires a good hosting platform.

Best WordPress hosting Convesio allows for a protected, scalable, and reliable running of your website.

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The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio is a website hosting platform with features that enable you to manage your WordPress website effectively. 

It gives you access to efficient hosting, automatic scaling, and protection from malware and hacking attacks. These three features are an absolute must if you’re going to have a successful website.

The platform also provides the following:

  • A very easy-to-use dashboard;
  • Integrated developing tools;
  • Expert support;
  • A collaborative workflow for you and your teammates.

These features make the best WordPress hosting Convesio, a compelling choice when picking a hosting platform, particularly when compared with its competitors. Perhaps some of the competition can offer better prices, but it comes at the cost of having a lesser quality service.

Different website hosting platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. It is always a good idea to compare various features before making a decision, which is what we have done in the article.

Conversio Features

Features of Convesio

Convesio is a cloud-based WordPress hosting platform allowing you to run your WordPress website. Below are some of the features which Convesio’s users are benefiting from.

Automatic scaling

Scaling is increasing or decreasing the CPU, memory, and storage allocated to a website based on the level of demand at a given time. Simply put, when there is high traffic on a website, scaling allows the website to handle the increase in traffic.

With Convesio’s automatic scaling, you won’t have to worry about your website collapsing if there’s an increase in traffic. 

In such a scenario, the platform will automatically detect the surge and allocate CPU, memory, and storage so the users will have a seamless experience on your website. The functions will be just as fast and as effective as when it is during regular traffic.

Convesio’s scaling process operates through container technology, allowing the platform to allocate resources quickly. Containers are software blocks with the website’s code, libraries, and dependencies.

For people who want to be more in control of the scaling process, Convesio allows them to delegate resources manually, depending on their specific needs at a given time. They also may want to have more CPU, memory, and storage permanently and not just when there is high traffic.

High performance

The high performance directly results from the effective scaling and the aforementioned container-based infrastructure. A fast and responsive website will improve the experience for visitors and the website owner. 

Clients are more likely to remain on the page if it functions well, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates if your offer is good enough. A well-functioning website positively affects customer loyalty and brand reputation numbers.

For website owners, a fast-loading website can improve search engine rankings, as search engines tend to prioritize high performance. This is bound to affect traffic and increase visibility in the search results.

A high-performance website is a prerequisite for a successful online business as it directly affects traffic numbers, bounce rates, conversion, and customer loyalty. 


We cannot overstate the importance of securing good website protection. The security that Convesio provides is multi-layered and with tools that enable you to keep your WordPress page safe and functioning.

Basic security

This layer of protection is for all the websites hosted on the platform and includes regular updates, scanning for malware, and proactive threat monitoring.


WAF, or Web Application Firewall, is a security system that protects web applications by filtering out HTTP traffic between a web application and the internet. 

It protects the websites from attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, which can severely harm your website’s integrity.

Conversio SSL feature

SSL encryption

SSL protects sensitive information such as login details and payment information. Convesio delivers SSL certificates for all hosted websites. The way it works is that it encrypts the data which is exchanged between the website and the visitor’s browser. 

When a user visits the website, their web browser initiates a safe connection using the SSL certificate, which verifies the website’s identity. Once this connection is secured, all data exchanged between the user and the website will be encrypted and safe from hackers’ intercept.

This is particularly useful for e-commerce sites with a wealth of information about their clients’ payment methods and all pages requiring a login.

Automated backups

Convesio’s automated backup system is designed to be easy to use and offer you the peace of mind that your data is always backed up. This security feature takes a snapshot of your website every day and uploads the information to a secure, offsite location. 

If something happened to your website, you could restore the page immediately with just one click on the Convesio dashboard. 

The backups to your website are downloadable if you want to keep a copy on your device, and the backup settings are customizable. You can choose which files to store in the backup and which ones to exclude.


Sandboxing is a security method used to prevent breaches and ensure a safe working environment. It works so that each website is isolated in its own space. If one website becomes compromised, the breach won’t affect other websites on the same server. 


It is the isolation of server resources between different hosted websites. Each website is allocated a specific amount of CPU and RAM and can only use the allocated amount. This helps prevent a few more complex websites from stealing all the CPU and RAM for themselves.


Convesio offers a feature that allows multiple people to work on a website simultaneously. It works by automatically syncing every change made by any contributor to the website, ensuring that everyone has the latest version at all times.

This is how multiple people can work together without overwriting each other’s work, and it provides efficiency, better communication, and reduces errors. Instead of relying on emails or texting, everyone can follow the changes in real time, reducing errors and conflicts.

Fewer errors mean a better website, which leads to many other benefits.


Expert support will be available 24/7 to any Convesio user to help with questions or issues they might be facing. Whether it’s a technical issue or a general question, customers can call upon the support team whenever needed.

The support team comprises WordPress experts who can help with various issues or questions. It’s important to note that the support is not generic, and every advice given would be specific to the client and to the unique situation they might be facing.

Customers receive the response to their query within minutes of reaching out, ensuring that they can get back to work on their project as quickly as possible. There is a proactive monitoring feature to prevent issues before they occur. 

To match the strive for building a quality platform, Convesio constantly monitors potential issues, and the support team is immediately alerted if something appears.

Integrated development tools for Convesio

Integrated development tools

Convesio allows clients to manage their WordPress websites directly from the platform through their integrated development tools. Below are some of the tools supported by Convesio.

Git integration

Git is a control system that allows developers to simplify the management of their WordPress websites. It works by creating a Git repository that will serve as a location where the whole website code will be stored and can be easily accessed to track changes over time.

Then customers connect their website to the Git repository and sync all the changes made to the code with the Git repository. Once the website and the Git repository are connected, the customers can make changes to their website from their Git client.

This is helpful because it allows developers to make changes to the website and then push them to the Git repository, which will automatically sync with the website on Convesio. 

Like this, it is much easier to track the changes. The developer will be able to see who made those changes and when, as well as revert the changes if necessary.

Staging environments

As the name of the feature suggests, it allows for testing the changes and updates in a safe environment before they go live. It works by creating a staging environment, and clients create a copy of their website on a separate server. 

Then users can test their changes and updates before truly deploying them on the live website. This allows for the identification of bugs and other issues. After the testing, users can deploy the changes for real once they are happy with the test results. 

Secure Shell Access

Often referred to as SSH, it is a secure protocol used for remote communication with servers. Convesio provides customers with SSH, allowing them to access their website’s server and perform tasks from the command line.

It works by establishing a connection to the server for which the IP address, username, and password are required. Once connected, clients can navigate the server’s system and perform tasks like uploading and downloading files, installing software, or managing the settings.

SSH allows users to perform tasks like managing server security and configuring server settings that may not be available to perform through Convesio. In general, SSH gives clients more control over their website’s server and performs tasks more efficiently. 

SSH access is to be used cautiously as incorrect commands can cause problems and even failure of the website’s functionality. Using this integrated development tool requires solid knowledge of the command line and the server’s file system.


Short for WordPress Command Line Interface, it provides various handy tools and commands for WordPress sites. Its features include plugin management, theme management, content management, database management, core management, and user management. 

Developers who prefer to work with a command line might find this integrated development tool handy. WP-CLI will save you time and hassle when managing multiple WordPress sites. It can also be used for the automation of everyday tasks.

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Convesio vs competitors

Convesio vs. Competition

There’s lots of competition. We will try to directly compare the products and services they offer to determine how the best WordPress hosting Convesio holds up. 


Kinsta is a popular WordPress hosting provider with features similar to Convesio, like automatic scaling, daily backups, and SSL certificates. 

Although it offers more storage and unlimited bandwidth, Convesio’s plans are more affordable for users, especially those with fewer websites.


SiteGround is a solid solution with basic features and affordable prices. Still, it’s found lacking when it comes to managing a more serious website like e-commerce, membership, or LMS. 

As mentioned above, Convesio has all the necessary features to handle such challenges.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a simple host and a popular choice for small businesses. WP engine is a good option for creating and managing a basic WordPress website. However, WP Engine cannot handle more complicated tasks such as e-commerce. 

If you anticipate a lot of traffic arriving, then you definitely need a more advanced host for your WordPress website.

Liquid Web Host

Users of Liquid Web Host have been leaving the platform because of its issues with hosting WordPress websites. Convesio is specialized in WordPress.

If you aren’t looking to create and manage a WordPress website, Liquid Web Host is a decent choice compared to the competition, but it lacks behind when it comes to WordPress. Liquid Web also charges for using extra features.


Pagely is a solid option if you’re not planning on having high traffic. If you plan on attracting people to your website, then the lack of auto-scaling may make you consider other solutions on the market.

The more expensive, “high availability” plans offer multiple servers, but the basic will have your website hosted on just one server. 

In comparison, Conversio doesn’t rely on one server. The managed WordPress hosting uses multiple servers, allowing sudden visitor influx. If you need extra services, you would only need to pay for them while using them.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular choice for creating a new website. However, the low price and accessibility don’t make up for the fact that it cannot handle bigger traffic and has considerably big downtime. 

In the case of failure, a shared hosting plan can leave you without your webpage for days, ultimately costing your business even if it isn’t in e-commerce.

Convesio pricing and plans

Pricing and Plans of Convesio

PlansResources Includes Price Per Plan 
Starter– Basic functionality- 15K visits, 30K pageviews – 25K products- 5GB SSD Disk- 2 vCPU- 512GB Memory- 50GB Bandwidth- 4 PHP Workers- Shared Database Size: 16GB– 99.9% Uptime- Google Cloud- Cloudflare CDN- Advanced Security- Malware protection- Chat/Ticket Support- Free Basic Migrations– $50 per month- No Setup Fee
Business Level 3– 2000 orders/month- 100/200 concurrent users- 50K products- 10GB SSD Disk- 6 vCPU – 6GB Memory – 300GB Bandwidth- 32 PHO Workers- Shared Database Size: 5GB– Everything in BL2- Cloudflare Enterprise- White Glove Migration- Priority Slack Support- Redis w/Relay- Object Cache Pro- Managed Scaling- Auto Scaling- WordPress Multisite– $300 per month- No Setup Fee
Business Level 4– 3000 orders/month- 200-300 concurrent users- 75K products- 10GB SSD Disk- 8 vCPU- 12GB Memory- 500GB Bandwidth- 50 PHP Workers- Shared Database Size: 10GB– Same as BL3– $600 per month- No Setup Fee
Enterprise Level 5– 5000 orders/month- 500 concurrent users or more- 100k products- 50GB SSD Disk- 16 vCPU- 16GB Memory- 750GB Bandwidth- Custom PHP Workers- Shared Database Size: 20GB– Everything in BL4- Load Testing- New Relic Consulting- Performance Optimization- Code Reviews– $1,000 per month- $1,000 setup fee
Enterprise Level 6– 1 install – 75GB Disk Space- 20 vCPU- 24GB Memory- Custom Workers- 1TB Bandwidth- Auto Scaling- Redis– Everything from EL5- Dedicated Percona DB- Object Cache Pro- Human Malware cleanup- Cloudflare Enterprise- Slack Support- WordPress Multisite– $1,600 per month- $1,000 setup fee
Enterprise Level 7– 1 Install- 100GB Disk Space- 24 vCPU- 32GB Memory- Custom Workers- 1.5TB Bandwidth- Auto Scaling- Redis– Everything from EL6– $2,400 per month- $1,000 setup fee
Business Level 2– 1000 orders/month- 100 concurrent users- 50k products- 10GB SSD- 4 vCPU- 2GB Memory- 100GB Bandwidth- 16PHP Workers- Shared Database Size: 5GB– Everything from Starter- Cloudflare Enterprise- White Glove Migration- Priority Slack Support- Redis w/Relay- Object Cache Pro- Managed Scaling- Auto Scaling- WordPress Multisite– $150 per month- No Setup fee

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A fast, effective, and secure page means your visitors will navigate around it with ease, and the chances increase for them to become your customers. In contrast, a slow and unresponsive page will frustrate them into looking for solutions to their problems elsewhere.

So, our choice, Convesio, offers features like automatic scaling, system backup, SSL certificates, etc. On top of this, there are various integrated development tools and 24/7 support. It offers multiple pricing plans designed to reflect various types of users.


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