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Awesome Chat GPT Prompts You Don’t Want to Miss in 2023!

chatgpt prompts

People have started using ChatGPT prompts for various reasons. Some need help with their school homework, while others want to use it to create a marketing strategy. ChatGPT is so smart that it can provide the answers for everything you need in a matter of seconds while using some of the best ChatGPT prompts.

But can AI actually replace humans and take their job positions? Until recently, artificial intelligence was something experimental. However, with the appearance of ChatGPT, things have changed, and people wonder what this chatbot can actually do.

If this chatbot’s performance sparks your interest, we have selected the best ChatGPT prompts you can use for free today. We also provided advice on using these prompts to your advantage, ensuring the successful completion of your desired project.

What Are the Best Chat GPT Prompts

What Are the Best Chat GPT Prompts?

ChatGPT is an AI model that uses prompts to act like a personal assistant. These prompts are designed with the intention of helping people get their job done. Most ChatGPT users are interested in its writing, education, marketing, career development, music, made-for-fun prompts, and IT-focused prompts. 

The new and improved AI-powered prompts are truly impressive and should not be avoided by users of ChatGPT. Even if you don’t plan on actually using this chatbot to do the work for you at all times, it is interesting to see what it is capable of doing. 

We should use these prompts while they are still free. It is suspected that ChatGPT will require users to pay in the future if they want to try all the prompts. When we are given this chance to test the intelligence of ChatGPT, why not make the best out of it?

Best ChatGPT prompts for writing

Best ChatGPT prompts for writing

Writers constantly struggle with getting their writing to the next level. Writer-block is real; they can frequently turn to AI-generated programs to help them efficiently and quickly create click-worthy content.

Blog Post Writer

ChatGPT can write blog posts according to instructions given by the user. Many bloggers have started using ChatGPT specifically for this reason because it helps them produce blog posts that are very captivating for their target audience. There are more writing AI Software, but ChatGPT has the best prompts for this purpose.

Example: Write a 300-word blog post on [Insert Specific Topic here]

Plagiarism Checker

Although there are many different plagiarism checkers on the Internet, they are not always very reliable. However, ChatGPT has the power to go through billions of articles and compare your content to something that has already been posted on other websites.

Example: I want you to act as a plagiarism checker. I will write you sentences, and you will only detect plagiarised content without further explaining. My first sentence is, “Content writing is a creative way of expressing your ideas and thoughts in a professional way.”

English Translator

Another prompt you don’t want to miss when using ChatGPT in 2023 is its ability to translate text into English. In addition to translating, this prompt can act simultaneously as a proofreader to the entire text and correct spelling mistakes.

Example: I want you to act as an English translator, proofreader, and text editor. I will speak to you in a language, and you will detect it, translate the sentences, and answer my text correctly. Don’t change the meaning of the text; only improve it. My first sentence is, “La vida es una sola.”

Best ChatGPT prompts for school tasks

It should come as no surprise that students are using the Internet to help them with their school projects. Be that as it may, with ChatGPT, they can minimize the stress of writing original essays and summaries of given texts, as well as converting data into different formats.

Text Summarizer 

If you are given a long text in school to summarize on your own for homework, you are probably aware that this process is time-consuming. That is when ChatGPT comes into play. The text summarizer ChatGPT prompt can quickly explain the main points in the text in simple words. 

Example: Summarize the following text [Insert the text here]

Re-Writing Essays

Are you in the process of getting ready for the final exams? Studying numbers and human anatomy can take you a very long time. Maybe this is the reason why you can’t write a five-page essay for an upcoming exam. Luckily, ChatGPT can do this for you.

Example: Rewrite this essay to make it original and engaging to read. [Insert Essay Here]

Text Conversion

Your learning material can sometimes become too overwhelming. This may cause you to get confused about what you should focus on the most. With the Text Conversion ChatGPT prompt, you can convert any transcript to question format.

Example: [Copy a transcript and paste it on ChatGPT]. Create 10 questions based on this transcript.

Best ChatGPT prompts for marketing

The marketing world constantly changes, and trends are updating because marketers continue developing new ideas. For this reason, it can be tricky to keep up with everything that’s going on when you have projects that must be finished by a given deadline. 

Video Script Generator

Maybe your company has just released a new product, and it’s your job to figure out how to promote it. If you want to try something new, instead of always relying on basic marketing practices, take a look at the Video Script Generator prompt of ChatGPT.

Example: Generate a 5-minute video script for a TikTok video about our newest [Insert product description here]

Marketing Campaign Curator

Creating outlines for marketing campaigns is not only stressful but also a lengthy process. Also, constantly coming up with new ideas can drain your creativity and negatively affect your passion for marketing. This is why some companies have started using the ChatGPT prompt, which acts like a Marketing Campaign Curator. 

Example: Create a content creator marketing campaign outline that will interest my [client type] with [particular type of content] from [specific content creator] who can portray the advanced features and potential benefits of our [product] in a unique and creative way.


With accurate and clear instructions, ChatGPT also has a prompt for advertising your business. It has the ability to choose a particular product, select the target audience and provide a creative way of advertising the services of a specific business.

Example: I want you to act as an advertiser. You will create a promotion plan for a product of your choice. You will pick a target audience, create catchy titles, and select the social media platforms for the promotion. My first request is, “I need help creating an advertising plan for a new high-end perfume targeting women aged 25-35.”

Best ChatGPT prompts for career development

Best ChatGPT prompts for career development

Who would have thought that with ChatGPT prompts, people could get career help? To ensure that you are testing AI’s full potential in providing career development techniques, check out the Resume Writer, Cold E-mail Writer, and Interviewer ChatGPT prompts.

Resume Writer

Writing your own resume can be intimidating. But if you let ChatGPT do it for you, the feelings of pressure and stress will be successfully avoided. This chatbot can create job resumes, including all necessary information, using templates that are eye-catching and interesting to read.

Example: I want you to act as a resume writer. First, write a summary of my skills and experience. Then, highlight my achievements using bullet points. Include [insert information here] demonstrating my interests and [personal projects] I have accomplished.

Cold E-mails Writer

Finding the right template to follow when writing emails for a job position is not always easy. However, this ChatGPT prompt can not only provide a cold e-mail template, but it can also write the entire text for you.

Example: I want you to act as a cold e-mail writer. I need to send a cold e-mail for the [insert position] position to the human resources manager.


We all have a general idea of what questions we will be asked in a job interview. But, some interviewers tend to get creative and ask confusing questions. Use the Interviewer ChatGPT prompt to discover possible questions that you might be asked to answer in your next interview.

Example: I want you to act as an interviewer. I will be the interviewee, and you will ask me the interview questions for the [insert position] position. I want you to only reply as the interviewer and wait for my answers. Do not write explanations. Ask me the questions individually like an interviewer and wait for my answers. My first sentence is, “Hi, how are you doing?”

Best ChatGPT prompts for music

The capability of ChatGPT goes beyond simple matters. This chatbot can suggest and create music for those who desperately need it. You can also use the prompts for writing songs and captivating poems.


A great prompt to play around with while using ChatGPT is songwriting. You can choose a theme for your song and ask ChatGPT to write the lyrics for you. It is a very easy way of getting new ideas and witnessing what AI can do in terms of creativity.

Example: I want you to act as a songwriter. Write a K-pop song about the journey of becoming famous in the music scene and how popularity can interfere with your personal life. Use the following phrases: “Fame is a poison,” “uncontrollable feelings,” and “overwhelming emotions.” Write the song in the style of BTS, and follow the rhyme scheme of ABAB.

Poetry Writer

Poets often struggle with expressing their true emotions on a piece of paper. ChatGPT prompts can help you write original poetry lines that rhyme with one another and convey exactly what you want to present to your audience.

Example: Create a poem for teenagers aged 14-18 explaining how to cope with anxiety after their parents go through a divorce. The poem should sound personal and emotional, as well as have punctuation marks such as .,!?. Make it five verses long.

Music Composer

ChatGPT prompts can compose everything from pop to classical music. All you have to do is explain exactly how you want your music to be composed and include every piece of information that this prompt can use during the creation. 

Example: I want you to act as a composer of classical music. You will create a unique musical piece for a [insert instrument here] and focus on bringing out the best sound quality. My first request is, “I need help composing a song that can be played with a piano, containing elements of techniques used in the orchestra.”

Best ChatGPT prompts for music

Best ChatGPT prompts for entertainment

While some people focus on using ChatGPT prompts to help ease their workflow, others want to try it for fun. AI has become so advanced that it can provide detailed descriptions and guidelines on many different topics of interest.

Restaurant Reviewer

Perhaps you want to visit a restaurant that all of your friends are talking about. However, you came across one problem – the Google reviews are mixed. By writing a short request, you can ask Chat GPT to review a restaurant of your choice.

Example: I want you to act as a restaurant reviewer. I will tell you all the details about the restaurant, and you will provide a review of the menu items and service. Don’t write explanations; only provide a review.


Did you know that ChatGPT prompts can act as your gaming buddy? Tic-tac-toe, hangman, trivia games, as well as video games, AI can do it all. Whenever your friends are unavailable for gaming, you can entertain yourself with these awesome ChatGPT prompts.

Example: Let’s play tic-tac-toe. You go first.

Cooking Guide

Who needs cookbooks when we have ChatGPT prompts? This chatbot can provide original and creative recipes if you type your requests clearly. Avoid using complicated phrases because this might mislead the prompt.

Example: Give me a recipe for homemade hummus I can make at home. I have a food processor and a Nutri Bullet.

Best ChatGPT prompts for programming

Believe it or not, AI can potentially replace programmers and IT personnel in the future. This is because it can perform complex tasks such as writing codes and developing websites. Take a close look at the Chat GPT prompts for programming.

Code Generator

By users giving clear questions and providing data, ChatGPT can write accurate codes. The chatbot’s prompts can help you write, learn, and improve code in languages like JavaScript, C++, PHP, Swift, TypeScript, Python, and SQL. 

Example: Write code for Python using one statement of code per line. Pass args to functions, and write idiomatic data. Filter a list and update the values in it. 

Web Developer

Building your website at the beginning of your career may seem difficult. That is why you can try the Web Developer ChatGPT prompt that provides examples and guidance on becoming a successful Website Programmer.

Example: Create an HTML skeleton, a responsive menu, and a responsive design that works on both PC and mobile. Import all the necessary scripts before closing the body tag, such as Bootstrap. 

Explaining Complex Terms

Certain terms and concepts in programming cannot be explained in simple words. The descriptions given online are sometimes not clear enough. However, this ChatGPT prompt can explain complex phrases simply and comprehensively. 

Example: Explain the concept of ‘full stack developer’ and provide advice on how I can be successful in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grow my business on ChatGPT?

If you are the owner of a small business, you can use ChatGPT to grow and expand your audience. One way of doing it is by creating a chatbot on your website and social media business accounts. Your customers will be able to get product information through this chatbot.

Which software companies use ChatGPT?

Very popular social media platforms and companies take advantage of ChatGPT Prompts. Establishments such as Coca-Cola invest in this chatbot to increase sales. Apps like Snapchat and Slack also use ChatGPT to promote their brand and services further.

Can ChatGPT analyze data?

The capability of ChatGPT to process natural languages and its prompts can help users analyze the data they provide in the chatbot. It works similarly to Excel, but it is known to give a more visual representation of data by using the inputs provided by ChatGPT users.


The new prompt releases of ChatGPT in 2023 are proven to be very effective and helpful for users. Whether you need help with your writing, career, or developing better programming skills, this chatbot can assist you through prompts. However, you need to type clear instructions.

ChatGPT prompts can also be used by people who want to experiment with the power of AI. They want to see how intelligent this chatbot is in helping with the performance of daily activities.


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