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Easybib Review – Everything You Need To Know (2023)

Easybib Review

Easybib is a piece of software you can use to check the writing quality of an academic paper. Created by ‘Chegg’ the software is an online app that students can use to check their papers for grammar, citation style mistakes, as well as cases of potential plagiarism

There is nothing more annoying than when you submit a paper and then realize you have made some silly grammar mistake, used the wrong citation style, or have been caught accidentally plagiarizing something.

Often in these cases people can struggle to recover their paper or even their mark after having submitted the paper.

Easybib is made so we can give our papers the keen eye that can help us avoid an immediate F for a silly mistake.

By putting your paper through the Easybib software you can catch any accidental issues or mistakes before you submit, allowing you to change them and still get the mark you deserve and need.

Today we are going to review Easybib, and tell you everything you need to know to use it. Keep reading to find out about the software as well as our view of it.

What Is Easybib?

Neil Taparia founded Easybib in 2001, so it’s actually been around for a long time, potentially longer than its competitors.

It was specifically designed with students in mind to help both students and researchers create citations that are foolproof and avoid plagiarism generally as well as catching grammar and spelling mistakes before the submission point.

One really useful feature is the citation tool, which helps you create accurate and correct citations in minutes, often something that can catch a lot of students out and lose them valuable marks.

When using Easybib you can be sure your citations, no matter what style, will always be correct and they even tell you when they are not.

Another fun feature is the ‘professional writer feedback’.

In Easybib, once you submit your work, someone will get back to you within 24 hours of writing with feedback on your work from a professional writer.

This is a great way to improve your work, offering advice that bust tutors often cannot.

Do You Have To Pay For Easybib?

Do You Have To Pay For Easybib

There is a free version of Easybib that is easily accessible on their website. You can easily copy and paste your paper into the online app without having to pay or download anything.

However, this free service only provides citations for MLA and only hecks the first 5 errors of your paper. Importantly, you don;t get the plagiarism checker with the free version.

So as a free service it isn’t that great, although it can help those who want a quick citation example they know is correct.

They do offer a ‘Easybib Plus’ plan that is reasonably priced, and works out as good value if you are studying and writing a lot of papers at that time.

It provides over 7000 citation styles should you need any of them, but including the important ones like MLA, APA, and Chicago.

You get unlimited grammar checks, as well as the plagiarism detector. You also get a maximum of 30 papers per month of professional writing feedback.

However, for those who really want it, you can pay about twice as much for the Easybib plus and Chegg study pack, which really offers you some support when studying.

If you are doing a course that is heavy on paper and writing, such as AP or History but feel like you are struggling, this paid tier can really offer some help for a lot cheaper and more practical means than an in-person tutor could.

In this aforementioned tier you get everything from the Easybib plus, but have unlimited opportunities to get written feedback from a professional, as well as millions of textbook solutions and expert Q&A, practice problems, and video solutions.

As well as their instant math solver, which goes far and beyond what a calculator can do.

How Does It Compare To Competitors?

The main competitor for Easybib is Grammarly. Grammarly’s proofreading abilities are much higher than Easybib.

Easybib can occasionally mis things out as well as offering unhelpful or incorrect advice.

Moreover, Easybib does offer writing feedback, this is really helpful when you are doing a humanities subject, and are perhaps pretty used to writing yourself.

Yet, Grammarly offers professional editing. Professional editing can really be helpful when writing a lot of words, as once we get to the end of writing the editing period can often become jaded by being overworked, which is where an external editor can be really helpful.

Moreover, the paid versions of Easybib are much more affordable than that of Grammarly.

That said, the free version of Easybib is pretty limited and not that much use, while Grammarly’s free service is still pretty useful.

Our Verdict

Fundamentally, if you want writing support with a more academic twist then there is no better place to look than Easybib.

Other competitors like Grammarly can offer some pretty useful features and a much superior proofreading software, however, Grammarly is more broad in its audience, being better for freelance writers, etc, but Easybib is the ideal tool for students.

The proofreading programme on Easybib is not the best, and is perhaps a little better than what the default proofreaders on Microsoft and Google Docs, but in terms of a citation tool and plagiarism checker, it is fairly unrivaled (Do you need to add a signature to a Google Doc? Read more here). 

That said, you do have to pay to really get anything out of Easybib as its free version is very limited and won’t be of much use.

Even so, their paid tiers are quite affordable and as a student they would trump the usefulness of the much more expensive paid tiers of competitors like Grammarly.

Finally, the highest paid tier of Easybib, which can still rival the pricing for stuff like Grammarly, proves to be ideal for students.

This highest paid tier is still cheaper than an academic tutor but, if writing is an issue for you, can actually be as helpful and practical if not superior all together.


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