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Best Paid and Free Grammarly Alternatives (Ranked and Reviewed 2023)

For a number of reasons, such as being dissatisfied with Grammarly or if the price is too costly, you might need to switch to another editing program. You can create valuable content thanks to the amazing Grammarly alternatives available online. The top editing tools that offer the same and better functionality as Grammarly at less expensive pricing are therefore covered in this article.
BEST FOR Thesaurus support
ProWritingAid Logo

Top Features: Better Integration, Customization Options, Thesaurus Support, and Educational Tools

Best For Non-Fiction Writing


WhiteSmoke ​Logo
Top Features: Dictionary and Thesaurus Support, Multiple Integration, Mobile Apps, and Punctuation Checker
BEST FOR Grammar and Punctuation


Linguix Logo
Top Features: Templates, Advanced Language Insights, Client Style Preference Compliance, and 360-Degree Analytics

Best for Statistics 

Slick Write 

SlickWrite Logo

Top Features: Advanced Grammar Checker, Statistics, Integration, Quotes, and Associator

Best for Readability 


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Top Features: Edit and Write, Formatting Options, and Yellow and Red Highlights

Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly is one of the most used editing programs in the world to create high-quality content. However, just because it is popular does not mean it’s suitable for everyone, meaning some content creators need Grammarly alternatives. 

You may need a different editing program for many reasons, including dissatisfaction with Grammarly or perhaps the price is too high. Fortunately, some incredible Grammarly alternatives online will help you produce high-value content.

Therefore, in this article, I will go over the best editing programs that provide the same and better features as Grammarly at lower prices below.

Why Consider Using a Grammarly Alternative?

Grammarly may be one of content creators’ most popular writing tools, but several issues leave many creators dissatisfied with the tool. There are several reasons that a creator may be searching for Grammarly alternatives, including the following:

  • High prices for Grammarly Premium
  • The Grammarly free version is too limited (corrects only spelling and grammar).
  • Malfunctions when checking long texts.
  • Inaccuracies (Grammarly often asks you to fix mistakes when there are no mistakes).
  • It may not work with all the apps you use.

1. ProWritingAid 

ProWritingAid Logo

Our Take

ProWritingAid is a comprehensive AI writing tool that helps you not only with your grammar mistakes and writing styles and syntax to improve the overall content structure.

Best ForThesaurus support
PriceClick to reveal
Biggest DownsideLimited free features in the free plan
PromotionFree Plan

Unlike Grammarly, ProWritingAid looks at the overall content and does not only focus on grammar. The ProWritingAid editing tool helps you improve your writing skills by providing an in-depth explanation for each suggestion the AI assistant gives you. 

ProWritingAid helps with editing from simple text to full novels. The in-depth reports the program provides you with will help you get to the bottom of the issue and understand how to fix it. It even suggests alternative writing styles that may fit your content better.

ProWritingAid Alternative Checker

Key Features

  • Better Integration – ProWritingAid integrates with multiple programs and writing apps, including Google Docs, Windows, Mac, MS Word (Windows and Mac), Chrome, Scrivener, Final Draft, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. 
  • Customization Options – The editing tool allows you to select writing style, set house style rules, and choose language variation. 
  • Thesaurus Support – ProWritingAid shows you word synonyms that are contextually related, so you can choose one that fits better in the context of your sentence. The thesaurus support helps you avoid overusing specific words. 
  • Over 20 In-depth Writing Reports – You will get a detailed report on your content showing your efficiency based on readability, structure, dialogue, overused words, etc. You can use the writing reports to create an editing road map based on real data from your content. 
  • Educational Tools – Improve your writing with the learning materials and improve your grammar skills with in-built videos, quizzes, and articles.

User Experience 

I find the program pretty similar to Grammarly in terms of use, especially the browser extensions. The ProWriting website is straightforward and easy to navigate. 

Try out the free grammar checker by simply dropping or typing your text in the box on the page. ProWritingAid will show you its suggestions on the right side of the text.

ProWritingAid Free Online Grammar Checker


Like Grammarly, the editing tool also has a free and premium version. ProWritingAid offers three Premium plans:

  • Monthly: $30.
  • Yearly: $120 ($10 per month).
  • Lifetime: $399 (one-time payment).
ProWritingAid Pricing Plan


  • Thesaurus support
  • Detailed writing reports
  • Affordable alternative to Grammarly 
  • Free and Premium plans
  • Helps improve writing skills


  • Limited free features in the free plan

2. WhiteSmoke 

WhiteSmoke ​Logo

Our Take

WhiteSmoke is an English proofreading software that helps you fix grammar mistakes, spelling, punctuation, and writing style and provides a plagiarism checker.

Best ForNon-Fiction Writing 
PriceClick to reveal
Biggest DownsideThe plagiarism checker is not entirely accurate
Promotion50% OFF on the first month

WhiteSmoke uses Natural Language Processing technology with AI and different algorithms to analyze your text, detect grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, and offer solutions. The proofreading tool even checks your writing style and gives suggestions on improving your content.

WhiteSmoke best suits students, businesses, and other types of non-fiction writing. There is even a plagiarism checker and a translation tool. 

White Smoke Alternative Checker

Key Features

  • Dictionary and Thesaurus Support – WhiteSmoke gives you synonyms for overused words with suggestions for using them in sentences. 
  • Multiple Integration – This software has Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera browser extensions. There are also desktop apps and integrations for Mac, Windows, Gmail, and Microsoft Word. 
  • Mobile Apps – WhiteSmoke also provides mobile app versions for both iOS and Android.
  • Punctuation Checker – The tool’s algorithm compares and cross-checks the sentences of your text with its database of mistakes, sentences, and words. After this, AI technology corrects your punctuation mistakes. 
  • Translation Tool – WhiteSmoke offers statistical machine translation of around 55 languages. 

User Experience 

While I find WhiteSmoke’s website to be a bit cluttered and with a style that is about ten years past its prime, it is easy enough to navigate. The extensions are straightforward to install and work like any other proofreading tool. 

The desktop apps integrate well with the operating systems and MS Word and Notepad. The color-coded system is simple to comprehend, and adding the screen’s recommendations with only one click is simple.


Unlike Grammarly or ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke does not offer a free plan or trial. However, the rates are more affordable. You can choose between a year and a three-year billing period. 


  • Web – One payment of $59.95 ($5 a month).
  • Premium – One payment of $79.95 ($6.66 a month).
  • Business – One payment of $137.95 ($11.50 a month).
White Smoke Pricing Plan for One Year


  • Web – One payment of $124.95 ($3.47 a month)
  • Premium – One payment of $199.95 ($5.55 a month)
  • Business – One payment of $317.5 ($8.82 a month)
White Smoke Pricing Plan for Three Years


  • AI-based Natural Language Processing technology
  • Affordable rates
  • Multiple Integrations 
  • Checks grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation
  • Translation tool


  • The plagiarism checker is not entirely accurate
  • The website layout could be better

3. Linguix

Linguix Logo

Our Take

Linguix is an AI writing assistant that helps you improve your content by providing a grammar, spelling, style, and plagiarism checker.

Best ForGrammar and Punctuation Checking
PriceClick to reveal
Biggest DownsideLimited free version
PromotionFree Plan

Linguix is one of the most excellent and comprehensive Grammarly alternatives available online. Much like Grammarly, it is aimed at helping businesses improve and build their marketing content

Linguix entered the market in 2018 and is quickly becoming one of the most popular proofreading software.

Besides checking your writing for grammar mistakes, this writing assistant also provides you with an overall content quality score. The quality score shows your content’s quality regarding readability, engagement, and client style guide compliance.

Linguix Alternative Checker

Key Features

  • Templates Linguix has many helpful templates that streamline the writing process. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike you, the templates aid you in starting the document type. The proofreading software has templates for different types of content, including essays, emails, resumes, social media posts, and business writing.
  • Grammar and Punctuation Checkers – The program can perform 2,700 checks for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure while providing appropriate alternative suggestions. Linguix even has a Synonym feature, which helps avoid overusing the same words.
  • Advanced Language Insights – Linguix provides detailed insight into your content’s grammar, writing style, and use of engaging phrases and points out harmful language. 
  • Client Style Preference Compliance – You can create a style guide based on your client’s requirements to alert your team when their content is non-compliant.
  • 360-Degree Analytics – If you intend to use Linguix for your business, then the program will allow you to analyze your team’s performance over time. Plus, Linguiz will notify you about potential drops in quality and style issues.

User Experience 

What I think people will find helpful when transitioning from Grammarly to Linguix is the similarity in the user interfaces between the two tools. You will not spend much time familiarizing yourself with the program as it is incredibly straightforward to navigate. 

Linguix integrates with most browsers, and you can use the extension while you work and get real-time feedback. You can also use Linguiz with tools like Microsoft Office Suite and Gmail.


Linguix offers three pricing plans, including the Free version, Pro, and the Business. The Free version of Linguix is limited and only checks spelling and punctuation mistakes. The Business version is suitable for entire teams, and the Pro version has three pricing plans.

Linguix Pro:

  • Monthly: $15.
  • Annual: One payment of $60 ($5 per month).
  • Lifetime: One payment of $99 to use forever.
Linguix Pricing Plans


  • Easy to navigate 
  • Multiple integrations
  • Templates 
  • Analytics on an entire team 
  • Document storage 


  • Limited free version

4. Slick Write 

SlickWrite Logo

Our Take

Slick Write is a free proofreading program that checks your writing for grammar mistakes, issues with sentence structure, and writing style.

Best ForStatistics
PriceClick to reveal
Biggest DownsideNo plagiarism checker
PromotionFree Plan

Slick Write is an entirely free-to-use web-based writing program. You can add the Slick Write extension to Chrome and Firefox to proofread your writing. It provides a thorough analysis of your writing. It contains all the details you may need.

One thing to note is that the program does not provide real-time analysis. Instead, you input your writing into the analysis program and wait for feedback.

However, considering the number of features it provides for free, which on Grammarly are only available with the Premium version, I fully recommend checking out Slick Write. 

Slick Write Alternative Checker

Key Features

  • Advanced Grammar Checker – The grammar checker will point out any mistakes you make, run-on sentences, passive voice, filter words, commonly confused words, capitalization, doubled words, etc. 
  • Statistics – What I particularly like about Slick Write is that it provides you with statistics on the quality of your writing. The statistics cover vocabulary variety, automated readability index, passive voice index, prepositional phrase index, and adverbs. 
  • Integration – While the program is web-based, it offers integrations with Open Office, WordPress, and Libre Office. Slick Write also has an extension for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Quotes – With the Quotes tool, you can check where you have put quotes in your content and if you are using them correctly.
  • Associator – The Word Associator is not only a fun feature but also incredibly helpful with writer’s block. The tool will help you create new metaphors by you type a word or a phrase.
Grammar checking by using Slick Write

User Experience 

While copying and pasting your text in the grammar checker is easy, new writers may find it a bit confusing. The confusion is because you have to click on different buttons to access your writing and editing. Since now you know there are different buttons, you will avoid that confusion if you try Slick Write. 


Slick Write is free to use for everyone. 


  • Free proofreading program
  • Word Associator
  • Statistics 
  • Quotes tool
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions


  • There is no spell-check
  • No plagiarism checker

5. Hemingway

Hemingway Logo

Our Take

Hemingway is a web and desktop editing app that uses AI to help you improve your writing by checking for issues with adverbs, passive voice, and complicated words and phrases.

Best ForReadability
PriceClick to reveal
Biggest DownsideNo browser extensions
PromotionFree Plan

Hemingway is an alternative to Grammarly that concentrates on helping you improve your content’s readability. Hemingway provides writers with better writing analysis and style feedback.

The editing tool has no browser extension, but you can download the premium software on Windows or Mac. The free version of Hemingway is only available online, while the paid version is available as a desktop app that you can use online and offline.

The editing program analyzes your writing and gives it a readability score, which you can use to make the appropriate adjustments to your content. Hemingway highlights parts of your text with different colors based on the improvements you need to make.

Hemingway Alternative Checker

Key Features

  • Edit and Write – The editing tool provides two modes, Write and Edit. With the Write option, you can compose your content in a distraction-free environment. After you write or paste your text, click the Edit option, and Hemingway will highlight where you can improve. 
  • Formatting Options – With Hemingway, you can make modifications online, including applying italics, bold, bullets, quotes, and heading styles. The formatting options can help you improve your writing style and prepare your content for posting. 
  • Yellow and Red Highlights – Yellow and Red Highlights point out long and hard-to-read sentences in your text. Yellow only indicates to shorten or split the sentence. In contrast, red indicates that the sentence may be confusing or unclear. 
  • Purple, Blue, and Green Highlights – Purple Highlights indicate complex words, while Blue Highlights mean the words are generic or weak. Lastly, the Green Highlights indicate the use of passive voice. 
  • Automatic Linking – Hemingway automatically inserts links and applies HTML header formatting when you write text on a website. Simply post on your website after exporting as HTML.

User Experience

Hemingway is incredibly easy to navigate, and you can use both the free online version and the desktop app. You can either write your text directly on the editing tool or copy and paste it. After that, click the Edit option, and Hemingway will provide your readability score and where you can improve. 


If you use the online Hemingway editor, you will not need to pay anything, while the desktop app for both Windows and Mac is available for one payment of $19.99.

Hemingway Pricing Plans


  • Helps improve readability
  • Enhances your writing style
  • Free and affordable paid app 
  • Easy to use 
  • Automatic linking


  • Not a great grammar checker
  • No browser extensions


Do you need to find a Grammarly alternative? 

If you are satisfied with the service Grammarly provides you, then, of course, you do not need to replace the program. 

However, more often than not, Grammarly users, myself included, start noticing inaccuracies in the editing software’s suggestions, and with how expensive the Premium version is, that is simply unacceptable.

On the other hand, using only the free version is not enough as it is very limited, and there are better Grammarly alternatives online that are free. 

Why should you use an editing program? 

Editing programs are incredibly useful, especially in today’s digital marketing. With the help of an editing program like Grammarly or ProWritingAid, you can ensure that your content meets your client’s standards while improving your writing skills. 

The programs will check your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes, point out sentence structure and writing style issues, and give suggestions on improving them. Some software even provides detailed reports on your writing, which can help you see your skill progress.

Why is app integration important to consider?

As a writer, be it fiction or non-fiction, you likely use several writing apps for your content. If you choose an editing software that integrates with all of them, it means you can fix yall your grammar mistakes in-real time. You will not have to waste additional time running your text through the editing app.


If you are looking for a Grammarly alternative, the ones I have mentioned in this article are the best currently available online. 

The best overall, in my opinion, is ProWritingAid, as it provides the same features as Grammarly at a lower price. ProWritingAid also integrates with most writing apps, which Grammarly does not.

Still, you should choose the program that best suits your needs. However, it would be best to be careful when choosing which program to use, as some programs may save your work, putting it at risk of being stolen. 


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