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How To Become A Food Blogger

How To Become A Food Blogger

Becoming a food blogger may look easy when you look at anyone established yet they all had to start somewhere. You may need some guidance yet as long as you have the time and passion to dedicate yourself to it then you can begin.

Try to find out what you are good at, decide on your niche, and then build from there. Once you have gotten into the rhythm of food blogging, you can even monetize it.

In this guide, we will detail how to become a food blogger. That will include finding your niche, finding your platform, domain, and your web hosting provider. You can also decide whether to design your food blog or leave it to a web designer.

Find Your Niche – Give The People What They Want

Find your food blog niche and stick to it, whether it is baking bread, creating sweet treats, healthy eating, or show-stopping cakes. If it is batch cooking, work out what is in trend and in season so your food blogs look relevant, topical, and timely.

At the very start, it will be vital to stand out from the crowd so take the time to brainstorm your niche and brand identity then go from there. 

Without working out your niche, you may struggle to work out where you can go so it is a vital part of the process. It may be a case of finding your target audience, working out how to speak to them, what you want to share with your cooking, and what you want to achieve with the blog.

Your food blog could be talking about food and its health benefits or it could be detailed recipes that you know work. The food blog could be about a specific geographical food culture like Tex-Mex, French haute cuisine, or tapas or even about diets like paleo, keto, and vegan. 

The type of food blog is also important as there are so many to choose from. Recipe blogs are plentiful so you may want to opt for a trending food blog. Then there are food or drink-tasting blogs, blogs that review cookbooks and recipes, and even food photography blogs.

If you like to travel, then you could create a food and travel blog to showcase the local cuisine. 

Find Your Platform, Your Domain, And Your Web Hosting Provider

How To Become A Food Blogger

Once you have nailed down your niche you can get started on the logistical part of your food blog. Creating your food blog does not mean learning code as you can choose a blogging platform, otherwise known as a content management system.

Your blogging platform should let you create your blog, edit your posts, publish, and organize your content. WordPress is a good place to start as it is so easy to use.

You will need to pay a bit more to get your own domain name, as well as gadgets and plugins. The domain name should be catchy, short, and memorable.

It should be relevant to your niche and help your SEO rankings. You can either choose your domain name for free or try to take inspiration from an existing one. 

The web hosting provider is essentially the location your food blog lives and where people will be able to find it online. Behind the scenes of your food blog will be data centers and servers that attach it to the World Wide Web.

If you are using WordPress then they tend to recommend Bluehost as a web hosting provider. 

Web Designer Or DIY

Once your food blog has been successfully hosted and your domain name secured, you need to design it. You can hire a web designer to do this for you or treat it as a project to do yourself.

Custom designs from a web designer can cost thousands which may be ideal if you have the funds. Research web designers and ask for references before you do shell out for the expense.

If your web hosting is only going to cost a few dollars a month then the cost of a theme may only add up to just over a hundred bucks.

Install your theme from WordPress to look out for the functionality of your blog and then set up Google tools to provide detail in the analytics. WordPress plugins also improve the functionality of your blog and may be worth considering.

Final Thoughts

If food is one of your passions then you should be keen to tell the world about it and start your own food blog. You do not need to load code as you can soon get started on a platform with a domain name and a web hosting provider.

That’s quite straightforward yet a lot of the money spent may be on the design and the logistics which could be an investment. As long as the design and content are worthwhile, over time you can watch your food blog grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Money From Your Food Blog?

By adding links to affiliate products, you can make money from your food blog. These links can be inserted into recipes and blogs so that if a reader purchases those products using your affiliate link, you can get a commission.

Try to find food-related affiliate products that are relevant to your blog and the niche you have chosen first. Once they have been inserted organically then the blog posts can create a tidy income over time.

Should you decide to use Instagram to post recipes or videos from your food blog then you can make money using that too (find out more about starting an Instagram blog here). This is essentially by recommending a company’s products and its services.

That could be a certain pan you are using or a set of ingredients from a particular stockist and that forms affiliate marketing.

By partnering with these companies and recommending their wares in your blog, you can get a commission if someone purchases a product from your affiliate link.


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