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How To Get Your Blog Noticed

How To Get Your Blog Noticed

Is your blog not getting the traffic you expected? Or the traffic you think it deserves?

All is not lost, as there are ways to help your blog get noticed – things you might not have even thought about before!

Building a successful blog takes time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight, and there are many factors that can determine the successfulness of your blog.

The best thing you can do is make sure you’re covering all bases. 

So, to help you (and your blog) out, here are all the best tips on how to get your blog noticed!

Choose A Niche Topic

The more specialized your blog is, the higher the chances will be of it getting noticed.

This makes it important to choose a niche topic or interest for your blog, as a blog that isn’t about anything specific will be harder to understand and relate to.

Make your blog about something you’re passionate or knowledgeable about. Example topics include cooking, fashion, exercise, cars, finance, and so on. 

It’s also worth thinking about how you can make your blog more unique and focused. For example, instead of cooking in general, your blog might focus on vegan recipes.

Consider Your Audience

Once you’ve decided on a topic for your blog, the next step is to put yourself in the shoes of your audience.

When creating a content plan, consider your audience, their interests, and what they might want to know or read about.

While you’re at it, think about ways you can relate to them and engage them.

Things to consider include:

  • Audience demographic
  • Topics your audience will be interested in
  • Information your audience wants to know
  • Your blogging tone of voice and use of jargon

Create Engaging High-Quality Content

High-quality content is content that’s unique, engaging, and informative.

It should provide value to readers and not be confusing, misleading, or boring to read! For that reason, you should always put as much effort as you can into your content.

One way to create engaging blogs that will get noticed is to put your own personal spin on your content.

Provide unique advice, personal stories, and genuine recommendations, and avoid posting content that’s similar to other blogs.

Interact With Your Audience

What’s just as important as audience engagement is interacting with your audience.

Your blog might receive comments and shares, and it’s important to acknowledge these! This kind of interaction can build loyal followers, as well as attract new followers to your blog.

After all, interacting with readers will make you more relatable as a blogger.

Your audience will pick up on this, and this may even lead to more comments, more shares, and more readers noticing your blog.

Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Social media is more popular than ever. And it’s not just used for online socializing; social media can also be used as a powerful promotional tool.

As a result, don’t be afraid to promote your blog on all your social media channels!

In addition, you may also choose to create social media pages specifically for your blog.

This can help drive more traffic to your blog, especially if your social media posts earn audience interaction, such as comments and shares.

Network With Other Bloggers

Networking with other bloggers can help you reach a larger audience, which can help your blog get noticed.

Networking with other bloggers can also be a way to learn new blogging tips and content ideas!

So it’s well worth finding other blogs that are similar to yours and reaching out to the creators.

Other bloggers may promote your blog, create content that links to your blogs, or even invite you to create a guest post for their blog.

Establish Your Presence On Other Platforms

Establishing an online presence on other platforms can help your blog get noticed.

This can include creating content on social media, creating photos for Pinterest, or even creating videos for YouTube. 

This will depend on the topic of your blog, but considering online platforms that are relevant is well worth considering.

For example, if you have a fashion blog, you might consider creating outfit inspiration content for Instagram. 

Offer Freebies Or Host Competitions

Offering freebies and hosting competitions can be a great way to drive engagement around your blog and help it get noticed.

These freebies and competitions can also be promoted on social media, which social media users might also share to their friends, increasing your blog’s website traffic.

This is all the more recommended if your blog is themed around your business, making it an ideal opportunity to also market your products or services. 

Aside from increasing audience engagement, freebies and competitions can also build loyalty.

Your readers and followers will appreciate the gesture, and may even continue to read your blog in anticipation for the next freebie or competition you put out.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Last but not least: search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is the process of making websites more discoverable on search engines, like Google. 

Blogs can be made more SEO-friendly, and it can be done in a number of ways. These include: 

  • Creating unique and engaging high-quality content
  • Using relevant, topical keywords in your blogs
  • Internal linking your blogs
  • Building links to your blogs
  • Configuring image and video sizes to reduce webpage loading times
  • Allowing Google to crawl and index your blog

So the next time you create a blog, make sure to keep SEO in mind! If you have a backlog of blogs that have not been optimized for search engines, it’s also more than possible to go back and optimize them.


Building a successful blog takes time and effort, but it’s more than possible to get your blog noticed by following the tips listed above.

These tips will help you fine-tune your blog, reach and engage your audience, and help your blog become more visible on search engines.

Just remember that, above all, the most important thing is to deliver value to your audience.

Make your content personal, informative, and engaging, and always try to make your blogs creative and unique!


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