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Tips: How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Wanting to preserve your anonymity on the Internet is completely valid. This is especially true if you want to post adult content on OnlyFans, whether due to uncomfortable situations with friends and family, fear of losing your day job, or for your safety. So, here is how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face as we explore some content ideas and general tips to follow. Let’s get started!

How to Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

How to Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

There are a few ways to post content on OnlyFans without showing your face and making money. It’s harder to do it and be as successful as creators who show their faces, but it’s still possible.

Despite the verification process, where you must verify your identity by sending a government-issued identification or passport, OnlyFans doesn’t require creators to show their faces.

With some creativity and extra effort, it’s possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Some ways to do it are:

  • Stick to a specific niche
  • Disclose that you’re doing no-face content
  • Be open to indulging in fetishes
  • Use masks or head props
  • Work on your camera angles and editing
  • Make sure you interact with fans
  • Do ASMR content.

Stick to a specific niche

One of the first things you can do when trying to gain a following is narrow down your target audience. You can do this by picking out a specific niche category of content you do.

Some niches you can stick to are:

  • Specific body part
  • Dom/sub
  • Findomme
  • Cosplay
  • Gamer girl
  • Fitness
  • Girl next door.

When deciding on the niche you want to stick to, you have to consider your strengths first. Some people are dominant by nature, and others are submissive. Whatever niche you see yourself in will be the easiest for you to lean into.

Starting with a niche based on your best attributes is the best way to grow a following. It will be way more natural to lean into it rather than adopt a different persona, as it can get exhausting.

You can implement any of your interests and kinks into the content. If you’ve been hitting the gym and have gains to show or do yoga poses, use it to your advantage. 

If you like playing dress-up, whether it is to cosplay characters or role-play specific fantasy tropes, it will be captivating for your audience.

Disclose that you’re doing no-face content

This is an important step you can take when doing no-face content. You want to let people know what they’re signing up for to manage fan expectations. 

It will save you a lot of frustration and headaches from having to answer every request to show your face. Fans won’t feel let down; they’ll know what to expect from you. You’ll gain fans that specifically like no-face content.

You can do this by putting it in your caption. While you’re at it, you should come up with a short and sweet description of yourself and the content you do. This could help you captivate some fans who weren’t interested in no-face creators.

Another advantage to disclosing your no-face content policy is that fans will be more encouraged to give you likes and tips due to your honesty. This will, in turn, boost your discoverability chances on the platform.

Be open to indulging in fetishes

This is probably your best bet for making money on OnlyFans without showing your face. Due to the uncommon and sometimes taboo nature of fetishes, they can be rare to come across on the Internet.

Fetishists know this and are willing to pay money if you’re down to indulge their fantasies. The best part of this is that so many different fetishes exist. 

This can allow you to choose which ones you find acceptable to perform. It’s important to set boundaries for something you’re not comfortable doing, and most people will be understanding.

There’s even a fetish for dirty underwear. Some people will buy them, and god bless their souls for it. You can make content out of it by shooting the process and selling them to the highest tip of the week or for personal requests.

Be open to indulging in fetishes

Use masks or head props

There are plenty of OnlyFans creators that conceal their faces by using masks or head props. One of the most common options is going for a balaclava ski mask. This is one of the safest options since you can find some that cover most of your face well.

You can also go for a bit more artistic masks. Some artsy mask ideas are a crystal mask, a pearl mask, a mirror mask, etc. You can find masks like these on Etsy or Amazon.

You can even go for cosplay masks. There are many options for these types of masks and certainly an audience. 

Whether it’s a video game or an anime character, there will definitely be people who want to see it. You can choose which one you go for based on the type of content you plan to do, or you can have multiple masks for fan requests.

Use masks or head props

Work on your camera angles and editing

You’ll have to get creative with camera angles and editing when creating no-face content for OnlyFans. You can always mix things up by shooting specific parts of your body.

Make sure you also work on your lighting, as it can significantly improve the result. You can even do silhouette shots where your head is completely dark and indiscernible.

Sometimes you’ll also need to use some editing before posting your content. You can crop out or blur out your face if you want to try out different camera angles.

Work on your camera angles and editing

Make sure you interact with fans

This is an important aspect of OnlyFans, and as a no-face creator, you’ll have to put in a bit more effort when interacting with fans. You’ll have to make up for the detachment your audience might feel due to being unable to see your face.

You can do this by replying to their DMs and even taking requests. This will establish a connection and can be one of the main reasons most will keep coming back to you.

Identifying your fan’s fantasies and positively responding to them is a big deal when earning money on OnlyFans without exposing your face.

A common fantasy trope is the girl next door and the girlfriend experience. Many people that consume OnlyFans content are looking for a personal connection. They will be willing to casually chat about nerdy stuff; sometimes, they won’t even expect or engage in sexting.

Some want to live out their fantasy of having an online partner. They will make specific requests, ask for compliments, and look to you for gratification. There’s a common saying that a sex worker’s second job is as a counselor/therapist for this reason.

Some people look for the opposite of this as well. There are cuckold fetishists and people who get off on being degraded and shamed. 

Whatever desires they have can be fulfilled through this parasocial relationship, and you can make good money along the way.

Do ASMR content

Another idea is doing ASMR content if you’re a no-face OnlyFans creator. You can either implement this for personal requests or your profile.

It’s nice to have high-end binaural microphones because you can use ASMR to create voice-stimulated sensations for your fans.

Some might ask you to read passages from their favorite manga or reenact scenes from their favorite anime or TV show. Others might want to live out the fantasy of you talking into their ear or even kissing it.

Anonymity Tips for No-Face OnlyFans Creators

Anonymity Tips for No-Face OnlyFans Creators

Now that we’ve given you some content ideas and strategies on how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, we can talk about some tips on anonymity.

Some tips and rules you can follow as a no-face OnlyFans creator to stay anonymous are:

  • Cover any birthmarks or tattoos
  • Create separate email and social media accounts
  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Use voice-changing software.

Cover any birthmarks or tattoos

This is a crucial part if you want to stay anonymous as an OnlyFans creator. When shooting content for your OF account, make sure you cover any birthmarks or tattoos that might reveal your identity.

Friends and family can easily recognize birthmarks and tattoos. They can also be enticing for obsessive fans. Some might even see it as an invitation for an investigation.

Covering any discernible body features will save you a lot of stress and trouble. You can do this by using body paint and certain clothing pieces or editing them in post-production.

Cover any birthmarks or tattoos

Create separate email and social media accounts

When you’re signing up for OnlyFans, you should create a separate email account that is ambiguous enough that there’s no chance anyone could ever trace it back to you.

You can use this same email account to create social media profiles to promote yourself. An additional precaution you can take is not liking or following anything that could be linked to your personal interests in real life.

One of the most common places you can promote your OnlyFans is on Reddit and Twitter. Both of those platforms allow adult content. Whereas Instagram and TikTok have strict rules. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon them altogether, as they can be a valuable place for attracting a new audience. You can use them as long as you teeter on the lines of their Terms of Service policies with your thirst traps.

Be mindful of your surroundings

This includes both your indoor and outdoor surroundings. Try to remove any items from the frame that can be identifiable. Like birthmarks and tattoos, it can be easy for friends and family to identify the room you shoot content in.

Recognizable items can be certain furniture pieces, plush dolls or toys, and even things like water bottles or cups.

You should conceal your outdoor surroundings as well. You should close your window blinds and ensure there’s no way to see anything outside your room. Don’t even think about shooting outdoor content.

Since GeoGuessr is a popular game with many enthusiasts, it’s easy to see how your location can be revealed if you, god forbid, include a mountain skyline in the frame. There’s no length stalkers won’t go to if they’re obsessed with you.

Use voice-changing software

Using voice-changing software is an additional anonymity measure you can take alongside your no-face policy.

Even though it might seem that people’s voices can be pretty similar online, anyone close to you can be able to identify it.

You can get a voice changer to help you alter your voice. You can experiment with it and find a specific tone that suits your content and further conceal your identity.


Deciding not to show your face on OnlyFans is a valid thing for many reasons. But despite this, it’s possible to make money without it. 

So, how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face? There are strategies you can implement in your content that will help you overcome this disadvantage instead of creators who show their faces. 

Indulging in fan fantasies and fetishes is a big part of it. However, you must take precautions besides not showing your face to help you stay anonymous.


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