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How to Reverse a Video on iPhone: Complete Guide (2023)

How to Reverse a Video on iPhone

If you are seeking a guide that will teach you how to reverse a video on iPhone, you are at the right place at the right time!

Short video-centered social media has awakened the creativity of many people who tirelessly seek ways to entertain their followers. If done properly, a simple reverse video can go viral in a matter of minutes. 

Since its introduction in 2015, the reverse video feature has provided content creators with the option to create unique videos using this visual effect without having to download third-party apps. Before that, reverse videos were much less prevalent on social media.

Below you will find out how to reverse a video on iPhone using your device’s built-in applications or downloading an app.

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How to Reverse a Video on iPhone

To perform this action, you would need a mobile app compatible with iOS. Which app you choose will depend on what you need. There are featured apps on your phone, like the Photos app and iMovie, and third-party apps you can download from the App Store. 

As for usage, it really isn’t that complicated. If you know how to reverse a video on iPhone with one app, it’s a safe bet you can do it with another because the video editing applications are similar in design and easy to use.

  • Photos app
  • iMovie
  • Third-party app
Reverse a Video on iPhone

Detailed Guide

Photos app

The iPhone’s default application for managing your photos and videos can reverse your video. 

Simply open the application, find the video you want to reverse and click “Edit”. When the editing screen appears, hit the three dots icon on the top right and select “Reverse”. 

After you tap “Done”, your video will play backward.

iMovie app

iMovie is another built-in application on iPhones. It is an excellent video editing app with many features, including reversing a video. You may find the process slightly more complex than the Photos app because iMovie has many more features.

To perform this action through the iMovie App, open the app and create a new project by hitting the “+” button. Then choose “Movie” and select the video you want to reverse.

In the top menu, click on “Modify” and then “Reverse”, after which iMovie will reverse your video on your project timeline. You can preview the clip and adjust its speed by moving the slider left or right.

When you’re done, hit the “Share” button in the top right corner and decide on which format and location to save it.

Third-party apps

If you are not happy with the two built-in options for reversing videos, you can turn for help to third-party apps on the App Store. Various video editing apps have a feature for reversing videos.

Here are some paid and free options on the App Store that can be used for reversing videos.

Paid options

  • Luma Fusion: It costs $30 but is a valuable tool if you are passionate about video editing or if you do it for a living. There are many features, including reversing, and the design allows intuitive navigation through the app.
  • VideoShop: A fairly cheap app at $3.99 and easy to use. It has voiceover and speed modification. While it may offer fewer features than the more expensive apps, it does get the job done with its basic features, which include reversing videos.
  • VideoGrade: Like most other apps, VideoGrade can reverse videos and has features like color grading and picture correction. It costs $5.99 on the App Store.

The best free apps of 2023

The built-in options we’ve already covered are both free to use. The apps below serve a similar purpose and are free to use.

  • InShot: A fairly simple app that allows cutting, trimming, adding music, and reversing videos.
  • Quik: A video editing app developed by GoPro. It has some unique features, like automatic video creation on top of the standard features, including reversing videos.
  • Reverse Vid: An app dedicated to reversing videos. The difference is that the process is simplified, and the app automatically reverses any video you choose.

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Learning how to reverse a video on iPhone is fairly simple, and the apps don’t differ too much in design and basic features. 

iPhones have built-in apps capable of completing this task, and you can also download third-party apps to perform the same actions.


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