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How To Start A Blog On Instagram

How To Start A Blog On Instagram

Blogging is a great hobby to participate in. You can share your life, offer advice, or review products, and create your own community of followers that have similar interests to you. The great thing about blogging is that you can blog about absolutely anything.

Whether you are interested in photography, make-up, books, gaming, sports, fashion, or anything that you can think of, you can blog your journey, and share your passion with others. 

Blogging is also really simple. Whenever you post to a social media platform, you are essentially blogging. Sharing an image, text, videos or more is a form of microblogging. With over 1.5 billion active users across the globe, Instagram is a great place to begin your blogging experience. 

Why Start A Blog On Instagram?

Starting a blog can be a really fun process, and you may be unsure how to begin, or where to have your blog (How much does it cost to start a blog? Find out here). While many bloggers opt for WordPress, it can be much simpler to choose Instagram. 

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media platform that is open and simple for anyone to use. Whether you want to share images, create a personal, lifestyle, or travel blog, you can do so on Instagram. 

There will be thousands of followers and like minded bloggers within your niche that you can connect with, with over 1 billion people on Instagram, and over 71% of businesses already operating on and using Instagram to their advantage. 

Instagram also makes it so much easier to partner with brands, and many affiliate programs use Instagram to generate income. So, if your blog is successful, you can join and partner with brands to earn some passive income and promote your blog simultaneously. 

You can also sell your merch on Instagram, or promote your blog through other means, by linking reels, videos, sites, and other platforms associated with your blog.

Alternatively, you can turn your Instagram account into a monetized or business version to earn money while creating your blog content. 

How To Start A Blog On Instagram

If you’re unsure how to start a blog on Instagram, then we can help you. Having a blog on Instagram is a little different from running a blog on WordPress, Tumblr or Wix. Instead of a site, and lengthy posts, you can share your passion through content creation and a public profile.

Instead, you would have an Instagram profile that follows your life, whether that is selling your merchandise, promoting products, or talking about your passions.

The only difference here from blogging on a platform like WordPress is that Instagram owns your content and your profile, so they can remove your account and you will lose the content and following that you have generated. 

If you are ready to start a blog on Instagram, follow these steps. 

Create Your Instagram Account

The first step is to open an Instagram account. To do so, you will need to download the Instagram application from either the Google Play store, for Android users, or from the App Store for Apple users. 

When you open up the application, you can follow the steps to open up an account. You will have to choose a username and password. It is best to choose a username that can relate to your niche or your lifestyle, but you can alter it afterwards in the settings if you change your mind. 

Then, when you are setting up your Instagram account, you will want to set the privacy settings to public and not private, so that anyone can find your account, and you will gain more followers as a result.

Pick A Niche

How To Start A Blog On Instagram

The next step is to choose what your niche is going to be. This is what your blog is going to focus on. Most Instagram users will choose to simply share their lives to their followers. This means blogging about your day to day life, sharing family events and more. 

However, you may decide to blog about your make-up passion, favorite sport, fitness and health journey, or your home style. It is entirely up to you. You can often have one or two niches blend into one, if you are interested in it. 

For instance, if you are interested in posting and blogging about your dog, you could also have an interest in sharing about other pets such as horses if you have a passion for them too.

That being said, it is often easier to narrow down your audience and posts if you have one singular niche to focus on. 

Follow Similar Accounts

Then, the next step you should take is to research and find other Instagrammers that share similar interests with you. Then, you can interact with them, and begin following them.

You can do this with the search bar on Instagram, using hashtags related to your niche, or searching through accounts with keywords that relate to your passion.

Create Attractive Content

You can use content creation tools such as Canva to start creating a brand identity for your blog. This means creating content that shares a similar theme, color scheme, fonts and more for ensuring that your blog is unique and resonates with your audience. 

You can also start sharing images, or quotes to your audience to let them know what your blog is about. It is a good idea to share thoughtful captions that relate to the images that you are sharing so that you can connect with followers.

Share images, Reels, post to your stories, and engage with your community.

You can also create content ahead of time, and use an app or tool such as Later that schedules your content, so that you are always posting and sharing content on your blog. This can encourage followers, if you are an active user. 

Use Hashtags & Reels

You will also want to use relevant hashtags when posting your content. You can research hashtags that are popular in your area, or within your niche. 

Reels are also immensely popular on Instagram, and will help you get exposure and engagement. On average, you can get 22% more engagement with your posts and profile if you post Reels regularly. 

Reels are like short videos that you can share on your Instagram profile. You can make a Reel by videoing with your Instagram camera, or you can make picture based reels, or create more professional Reels with Canva. 

Build Your Followers

You can build followers by engaging within the community your niche has. This includes posting often, commenting and sharing other users’ posts, and providing helpful and inspiring content to your followers. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, it has never been easier to start a blog with Instagram. All you have to do is sign up, find your niche, and start creating content. You can engage with like-minded individuals, and enjoy your passion by sharing it with others. 


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