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Inflact Review (Ingramer) 2023 – (MUST READ)

inflact review

Inflact, formerly known as Ingramer, is an Instagram automation tool that claims to adapt your Instagram account for business. In this Inflact review, we dig into what Inflact offers and what you need to be wary of, so you can see if it’s the right service for you.

The idea is that the tool’s range of features helps you to build and interact with your audience, leading to more followers who can become business clients.

According to Statista, Instagram has over 1.28 billion users in 2023. Its projections suggest that the number will rise to 1.44 billion by 2024.

Simply put, that’s a vast audience of potential Instagram followers for a prospective influencer. But your road to influencer status can be challenging. You need a way to attract customers, create loyalty, and convert your followers into online clients.

Inflact promises to help in all these areas by automating much of what you need to do to build a following on the Instagram app.

But is it everything it claims to be?

What Is Inflact?

Inflact uses a range of tools designed to attract people to your profile so you can interact with them, either in person or via more automation. The tool even offers automation for your posting, with scheduled posting and an automatic hashtag generator service that picks out the best hashtags for your post (find our favorite scheduling software here).

So far, it all sounds good.

Inflact promises to reduce the amount of time you spend on building your account, allowing you to spend more time actually interacting with and selling to your target audience.

But there’s an elephant in the room to confront.

Instagram has a complicated policy on using automation tools on Instagram accounts. For example, you can use such tools to schedule your posts.

But the social media platform balks at people using these tools to create bots that follow their accounts and create an inflated view of their popularity.

As such, Inflact walks a fine line, with users of the service having to be careful that it doesn’t cross over into the sort of automation that can lead to Instagram banning their accounts.

Inflact’s Key Features

We wanted to do this in-depth Inflact review because on the surface it is an extremely powerful tool designed to make customer interaction easier while helping you to connect directly with other users. The following are the core services it offers for users interested in trying out Inflact.

Promotional Services

Before you can start selling to your Instagram followers, you need to build a following. Inflact’s promotional tools help you achieve a larger following through automation.

But it’s here that Inflact skirts a fine line.

Some of the automated tools this service offers go against Instagram’s terms of service. Inflact claims it gets around this using virtual private networks (VPNs). The VPN service shields IP addresses so Instagram can’t detect the Inflact bot. A Safe Start mode also ensures its promotional services ramp up gradually to make them seem more natural.

Automatic Liking, Following, and Unfollowing

Whenever you post something new on Instagram, Inflact automatically likes your post. The idea is that the “like” shows Instagram that the post is getting some traction, leading to it getting shown to more followers.

Of course, automatic liking goes against Instagram’s terms of service. However, Inflact claims it acts naturally to essentially trick the algorithm into thinking that an actual human liked your post.

Furthermore, Inflact tries to improve customer loyalty by going out and automatically liking posts from potential followers.

Beyond liking, the service also automatically follows profiles of people who fall within your target audience. By following them, it aims to further your Instagram growth by tempting the owners of these other profiles to follow you back.

Story Viewer

Whenever you view somebody’s story on Instagram, that person gets a notification telling them you viewed the story. Inflact takes advantage of this by automatically viewing people’s stories for you, allowing you to attract real followers who check out your profile after seeing you in their story viewers list.

AI Filters

The Inflact bot has several AI filters you can use to determine how it acts when it finds certain hashtags, people, or locations.

A good example comes from seeking out a competitor’s hashtag. Inflact can find posts that use the hashtag and automatically follow people who engage with the tag. That follow puts your business on that person’s radar, making it more likely they’ll follow you back.

Direct Messenger

Inflact offers bulk messages and a host of other customer support tools via its automated direct messenger service. You can offer immediate support to existing customers or send welcome messages and similar DMs to potential future clients.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A good CRM acts as a very detailed knowledge base for your customer support team. It can show them the status of a customer in your sales journey, allowing you to send direct messages relevant to the customer.

Inflact’s CRM is okay in this respect. It allows you to edit follower information, add notes, and assign customized labels to the people in your DMs. But it doesn’t do much more than that, meaning it’s not a replacement for a full CRM solution.

Automatic Responses to DMs

If you have a busy business, you don’t want to waste time responding to every DM you receive. Inflact solves that problem with an automatic response service. Whenever somebody contacts you, they’ll get an automated message from your account, allowing for great efficiency when you’re trying to build a better relationship with a customer.

Inflact also uses DMs as part of its growth services. You can set different messaging strategies for new and existing followers. Plus, the service can react to specified keyword triggers to send automated direct messages to followers.

Scheduled Posting Service

Scheduled posting on Inflact is fairly simple. You can create an advertising schedule that dictates when your posts go out without too many complications.

Post scheduling lets you set up a host of automated posts, each of which you can edit before they go out. Inflact even shares promo codes when publishing posts, assuming you use the Inflact tools appropriately.

Other Services

Beyond its paid services, Inflact offers several tools for free use, including the following:

  • View profiles on Instagram without having an account
  • Watch stories anonymously
  • A built-in hashtag generator that follows hashtag trends
  • Downloading HD videos direct from Instagram
  • A font generator
  • User analysis for several accounts

Will it Work for Your Instagram Account?

inflact instagram growth assistant

As a growth service, Inflact can help your Instagram account by attracting new followers and making it easier for you to interact with them. Its Instagram bot seems undetectable, at least for now, and the ability to send bulk messages to a large audience saves you an enormous amount of time.

But the “seems undetectable” aspect of the service is a worry.

Instagram makes it clear that it doesn’t like automation in its terms of services. While posting and advertising scheduling are okay, many aspects of the Inflact service, such as automatic liking, violate Instagram’s terms.

For now, Inflact is ahead of the Instagram algorithm.

How long it will stay that way is another question altogether.

Instagram automation – but at what cost?

In the quest to boost your Instagram profile, automation can be a helpful tool. Inflact promises increased traffic and less time spent on the daily routine of following posts, messaging people, and generally trying to build an audience.

But the cost of this service may be a problem, both in the literal sense and in what using it may mean for the future of the one account you have for your business.

Inflact pricing isn’t shared on the company’s website, though you can expect to pay at least $20 per month for its services, plus additional costs if you have several accounts.

But it’s the potential cost of using automation for maximum exposition that’s the biggest concern here.

Like other networks, Instagram has a defined policy on using automation to boost follower numbers. While Inflact claims to use automation in a natural-seeming way, the constant evolutions of the Instagram algorithm could lead to punishments in the future.

Finally, remember that Inflact isn’t a selling tool. The service rarely arranges sales, meaning it may not be your personal top IG service if making sales is a priority over getting more followers.











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