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Jasper AI Review: My Honest Thoughts on Jasper AI (The Whole Truth)

jasper ai review

Human alert! This Jasper AI review is entirely written by a human.

There’s almost no service in the world that doesn’t offer an AI solution. The same goes for AI writing software. Jasper OpenAI, Writesonic, Rytr, and Writecream are just some of the AI writing tools.

I have used Jasper for well over a year now. I can easily say I know the ups and downs of the automated intelligence content powerhouse.

But does it write better than a human writer?

Let’s find out if Jasper is really worth the hype!

Overview of the Jasper – Content Generator

Jasper AI is a writing assistant with the ability to generate content with more than 1,000 characters at once. You can use Jasper AI for something as simple as a product review or kick it up a notch and write a whole novel.

Since it was launched in 2021, Jasper has been making artificial intelligence accessible to individual creators as well as businesses. Jasper has written original content with over 1 billion words one year after its founding. Not to brag, but I am responsible for approximately 300,000 of them. Instead of our Jasper AI review, there are more writing software tools for this purpose.

How does Jasper AI work?

In simple terms, Jasper AI will take the words you provide, search the web and create plagiarism-free content. Compared to the average writer, you will get a publish-worthy product five times faster by using Jasper.

Jasper AI has over 50 ready-to-use templates. Once you choose the suitable template, you need to give Jasper a short explanation of what you want to write about.

With just a click on the Generate button, you will have multiple options to review and use.

Marketers train the AI, and it knows all the writing tricks for being persuasive. The written word of Jasper is designed to drive sales, and it is already SEO-optimized.

How does Jasper AI work

Jasper AI Features

Developers have included handy features to make it one of the best AI writing tools. In my Jasper AI review, I’ll dive deeper into the most important features: Chat, Chrome extension, Jasper Art, and the Surfer SEO integration.

Overview of the Jasper Features

Jasper Chat

In the Jasper Chat, you can make prompts and get a super fast answer from your AI friend. The chat is easy to use and improves the context of your conversation by remembering your previous messages.

The biggest advantage of using Jasper Chat is that it doesn’t use your word credits. So, when you have a simple request from Jasper, instead of wasting your paid word count, you can engage with Chat and get the content you need. The feature is only available for the Boss and Business plans. 

Note that Jasper Chat isn’t a research engine; it is just a conversational AI. The knowledge on a particular niche of Jasper Chat is from everything published before mid-2021.

Overview of the Jasper Features- Jasper Chat

Chrome extension

When I first started using the AI, there was no Chrome extension. Fortunately for you, with the Chrome extension, you can take Jasper wherever you like while browsing. 

The extension can be used when writing articles, websites, and even social media. You can easily create shareable content, headlines, ads, emails, and review responses.

Now that I use the Jasper Chrome extension, I have all the useful tools for writing just a click away. When I want to improve the readability of your text, I use the “Explain it to a 5th grader” feature. Also, I love using Jasper for rephrasing, expanding, or shortening my sentences.

Overview of the Jasper Features- Jasper Copywriting Tool

Jasper Art

Who would have believed you could have a copywriting assistant and art generator from one AI? Well, with Jasper AI, you can have them both.

Jasper Art costs only $20 monthly, and you can create unlimited images

I am truly amazed by AI’s creativity. You will get a copyright-free image by writing your idea in the image description and adjusting a few additional properties.

Overview of the Jasper Features- Jasper Art Generator

Surfer SEO integration

All my SEO colleagues will absolutely love this feature.

One of the advantages of the Boss mode is the Surfer SEO integration. Turn on the feature in the Workspace settings, and you are good to reach the highest SERPs ranking.

For those of you who haven’t used Surfer SEO, let me briefly explain what you are missing.

Surfer SEO is an on-page optimization tool that helps individuals and companies boost their organic traffic. The Surfer’s Content Editor provides keywords and measures for optimization. 

In combination with Jasper’s writing skills, I’ve increased my visibility and improved my rankings without doing any extra work. If you don’t have a Surfer SEO account, you can get a sweet deal for the first month if you are using Jasper.

Content templates

Wondering how Jasper can be equally good for different professions? Well, the answer to this question lies in Jasper templates.

You can directly access Jasper templates from the left menu. Additionally, you can open the templates while working on a document by clicking on Power Mode.

Jasper Templates for Specific Use Cases

Each template has a unique purpose. Hence you will be asked to provide information about the content you want to create. 

Take your time and play around with the templates. The quality of Jasper’s output relies on your input.

Once you fill out the required information, select how many different outputs you would like Jasper to write and press on generate. Choose your favorite, make some changes if necessary, and add it to your document.

Most-used templates

Allow me to explain my favorite and most-used templates.

Blog post intro paragraphs

The template will write multiple introductions for your article with a guarantee to grab the reader’s attention.

Blog post conclusion paragraph

In just a blink of an eye, Jasper can write a compelling conclusion so that you can finish the article without any hassle.

Content Improver

As one of the most creative templates, the content improver tool will make your content from boring text to an engaging and creative piece. 

Text Summarizer

Copy and paste the text you want to be summarized, and Jasper will put all the important points in one place. This template works on texts up to 12,000 characters. 

Product Description

The perfect template for your website, social media, or email. Jarvis will create a well-structured product description that will catch the eye of your potential customer.

Creative Story

Excellent template for creating outlines, building story characters, and laying out the story details. You can have all of this written in an engaging way in just a few seconds.

Sentence Expander

If you want to sound more authoritative and prove your point, you can use the sentence expander. Don’t worry; it won’t add any fluff to your text. It will only improve the quality of your sentences.

Explain it to a child

When you are writing a topic that might be too hard to understand for the general audience, explaining it to a child feature will help put your thoughts in simpler terms.

PAS Framework

PAS is short for Problem-Agitate-Solution. Especially important when you are launching a new product and when you write a thesis, Jarvis can formulate your problem, agitate, and provide a solution in simple sentences.

AIDA Framework

Mastering the AIDA framework template in Jasper will save you time if you are a digital marketer or a sales representative. Fastly convert visitors into clients with the four golden steps written by Jasper: attention, interest, desire, and action.

Other Templates

Other templates are available for creating high-quality content. 

Some of them for social media usage are:

  • Personal bio
  • Company bio
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • Google ads headline
  • Amazon product features
  • Amazon product description
  • Quora answers
  • Photo post captions
  • Video topic ideas
  • Video script outline
  • Video titles
  • Video description.

If you are in the field of SEO, you should use the templates for titles and meta descriptions for product pages, homepage, blog posts, and service pages.

The list of templates doesn’t stop here. You can try them all out in your trial period or with your paid account.

Languages Supported by Jasper

Jasper is more than just a typical content writer in English. The software understands 24 input languages and can write in 29 languages. Counting the two English and two Portuguese dialects, Jasper has a total of 31 output languages.

One of the most intriguing features is that you can write your instructions in one language and choose a different output language. For example, you can write your outline in Italian and have Jasper write a blog post in Greek.

Among the others, Jasper can be of help if you want something written in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Naturally, you may question Jasper’s abilities in writing in other languages. 

I’ve used AI to generate content in English, German, French, and Spanish. As far as my experience goes, Jasper is equally good at writing content in English as in the other available languages.

Languages supported by Jasper

Jasper AI Plans and Pricing

Jasper offers three plans: Starter, Boss Mode, and Business.

The beauty of Jasper’s plans and pricing is that you can customize your plan according to your needs. How much will your monthly subscription be, depends on the plan and word count you choose.

Make a thorough assessment of your needs because you can’t roll over your unused words to the next month.

The Starter Mode starts at $29 per month with 20,000 available words. Options with a bigger word count are available. For $99, you can get 75,000 words; for $399 a month, you can use Jasper to write you up to 320,000 words.

For my part, I’ve used the Boss Mode. The cheapest Boss Mode plan features 50,000 words for $59 a month. However, if you and your team need more, you can get 700,000 for $600 per month.

The Business Mode is for teams and has tailored AI brand voice, API access, and personalized onboarding and training. Compared to the other plans, the Business Jasper account can be used by more than five people. If you are interested in the Business plan, contact Jasper’s sales team for a quote.

Friendly tip: Sign up for the annual Jasper subscription and get a discount on your monthly installments.

Jasper AI plans and pricing

Who Should Use Jasper AI?

Coming next in my honest Jasper AI review is finding out who might find Jasper beneficial. If you find your job title in the list below, consider getting a Jasper subscription.

  • Social media manager
  • Copywriter
  • Blogger
  • SEO expert
  • Student
  • Business owner
  • Project manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Sales representative
  • Entrepreneur
  • Artists.

Who Might Not Like Jasper AI?

Not that we’ve seen who Jasper is for; let’s reveal the harsh truth and see who wouldn’t like using the AI text creator.

Firstly, if you expect content without flaws, don’t use Jasper AI. The software will do most of the job for you but not all of it. For the Jasper-written piece to be ready for publishing, you must give it some finishing touches.

In addition to the first reason, you shouldn’t use Jasper if you expect quick results without investing your time and effort. Although many think that AI software are automatic, they require a lot of manual work before you get the final text.

Furthermore, you might not like Jasper if you don’t want to try out every Jasper feature to find the perfect outcome. Let’s be honest. Jasper isn’t a magical tool to write high-quality text if you just put the article’s title.

Ultimately, avoid using Japsr AI if you want personalized content, such as original research, insights, data, and sharing opinions. AI-generated content is just a collection of what is already out there on the internet. 

Actually, all AI-content generators have trouble writing about current events and rapidly changing topics.

What Type of Content Is Jasper Good For?

If you know how to use the tool correctly, you won’t have trouble writing any type of content you wish. The AI can quickly create social media content, advertising posts, articles, emails, product descriptions, website texts, letters, profile descriptions, etc.

You name it, Jasper can write it.

In my experience with Jasper, the AI can produce short and long-form content. However, I wouldn’t agree that the quality of both is equal.

Typically, short content generated with the copywriting tool can be used as it is. No need for major corrections.

On the contrary, the main problem with longer text written by Jasper is repetition. Also, you’ll have to spend more time trying out different features to get the desired outcome.

In summary, once you get the hang of it, Jasper can write catchy content for your social media accounts, sales captions, product descriptions, blog posts, articles, and even books.

Recipe for an Outstanding Text From Jasper

Whether you will get a masterpiece from Jasper depends on your instructions. While the software is trained to write original content by reading around 10% of the pages on the internet, your input is crucial.

Let me teach you how to get the most out of Jasper. The recipe is simple.

Write an appropriate title

Jasper gets the main context from the title. For instance, if you need a guide on “How to clean an electric blanket,” the blog post title should be “Three ways to clean your electric blanket.”

Add a content description

Write short sentences in the content description and make a general outline for Jasper with all the things it needs to include. A well-structured Jasper-written text begins with the content description.

Adjust the tone of voice

Once you provide enough information on what to write, you must give Jasper a heads-up on how you prefer him to sound. Jasper is an amazing tool that will give you different outputs if you change the tone of voice. According to your topic, you can put your tone of voice as authoritative, friendly, informative, witty, silly, curious, and even celebrities.

Add keywords

Especially important in SEO and digital marketing, choosing the right keywords will help Jasper write a piece for you to get results.

Provide a short pattern

Jasper is designed to follow patterns. So if you want an article written in a certain style, start writing according to your needs and continue by using the Compose option. Now all you have left is to wait for Jasper to do its magic.

Choose output length

When you use the Compose tool or other tools in the Power mode, you can pick between three output lengths: S, M, and L. The shorter output is from 20 to 25 words, the medium is 50 to 55, and the length is from 110 to 115 words.

Additionally, you can use pre-build Jasper recipes for different content purposes.

Moreover, you can tailor a recipe according to your need or check the forum and see how other fellow Jasper users “cook”.

Recipe for an Outstanding Text From Jasper

Note that recipes are available only for the Boss and Business subscription.

And voila! Your text is almost ready to be served to your audience. This brings us to the next section.

Do You Need to Edit Jasper Written Content?

In my opinion, with all the AI in the world, nothing can replace human thought and touch. At the end of the day, you and me, we are writing for humans and not robots.

Hence, I love to say that AI-written content should always be edited and humanized. I’m not saying that Jasper’s written content isn’t good enough as it is, but it must be edited before you publish it. 

Fact-checked content

Most importantly, the content should be fact-checked. Allow me to tell you why.

I’ve tried to use Jasper for writing a statistics page. While the quality of the sentences Jasper wrote was excellent, the stats were slightly off. More often than not, the facts written by Jasper were incorrect.

What I did as a copywriter was use the sentence structure written by Jasper but include fact-checked information.

Repetitive Content

Another reason why AI-written content should be edited is repetition.

To be honest, the copywriting AI creates outstanding results if you give it a good outline. However, it can get caught up in the writing process and repeat the same sentence and sometimes even the same paragraphs over and over again. 

The creators of Jasper suggest clearing and updating the sidebar inputs to deal with the repeating problem. Nevertheless, there were days when I couldn’t get any fresh ideas from Jasper, no matter how hard I tried to get it out of the loop.

Readability of the Content

One of the main reasons why editors exist in the first place is to improve the readability of the text.

To illustrate, I will use my example. In the multiple years I have worked as a content writer, I’ve received handy tips from editors about improving the headlines, structure, and general content.

It is no different with Jasper. The article flows as we see it, and as the editors see it is not the same. When someone is reading a text for the first time, they can easily access the clearness and flow of reading. Even the smallest changes can greatly affect how your audience receives your message.

One thing is sure, you will need less time to edit content written by Jasper than an article written by a human.

Remember, Jasper AI is not flawless. That’s why you always need a human editor for your AI-generated texts.

Jasper AI: Pros and Cons

My Jasper AI review wouldn’t be complete without the ups and downs of the content generator, right?


To begin with, I will list the pros of Jasper.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports 29 languages
  • 50+ templates available
  • Adjustable tone of voice
  • Third-app integrations
  • Multi-purpose software
  • Generates plagiarism-free content
  • Content that persuades the reader
  • Responsive customer support
  • Content-improving features
  • Helps with writer’s block


No one is perfect. Neither are artificial intelligence assistants.

Here are the cons I have encountered while using the AI writing tool.

  • Unused words are not transferable for the next month
  • Not recommended for highly technical content
  • Repetition in long-form articles
  • Content must be fact-checked before publishing

How Is Jasper Better Than the Other AI Writing Tools?

First and foremost, Jasper is one of the rare AI content generators that have a seamless interface and rarely glitches. You can forget about lagging because the software is never outdated. Its top-notch functionality makes it better than the competition.

Next, Jasper creates SEO-optimized content, which only a few other AIs do. Regarding integrating that helps SEO, Jasper, and Writesonic are the only AI content generators with Surfer SEO integration. Let’s not forget that Jasper tends to write more engaging texts in a natural way.

The way Jasper works is another advantage. The AI writing tool uses multiple language models. Also, they are partners with different research companies like OpenAI, BLOOM, T5, and GPT-NeoX. This is leverage for Jasper because it makes the software write content in different industries with ease.

However, when it comes to pricing, Jasper is in between its competition. There are cheaper alternatives, but that doesn’t mean you will get the same quality.


Can you make money with Jasper AI?

Whether it is for a digital marketing job or a copywriting one, Jasper AI offers multiple templates you can use to make money. Ultimately, the text generator saves a lot of time for business owners. Since time is money, you will be saving a bunch.

Is Jasper AI the same as Jarvis?

Yes. Jasper AI was called Jarvis until their rebranding in January 2022.

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial?

Currently, Jasper AI has a special trial offer of 10,000 free words for five days. The free trial is enough to test the content generator and see if it meets your needs.

Does Jasper AI have a money-back-guarantee?

Jasper doesn’t have a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with its services. However, they have a five-day refund policy in place if you haven’t used a completed free trial.

Does Jasper produce original content?

Yes. The AI writing tool Jasper writes unique content which is plagiarism-free 99.98% of the time. Plagiarism-checking apps can show results lower than 100% original only if they detect some generic statements Jasper wrote.

Will AI replace copywriters?

Has Grammarly replaced human editors and proofreaders? I don’t think so. It is the same with copywriters. It is highly unlikely that AI content generators will replace copywriters entirely. The AI can boost your writing or be used as a quick copywriting solution.

Conclusion: Is Jasper Worth It?

Jasper AI is a highly advanced writing tool designed to meet the needs of every customer, from newbie writers to professionals. With its ability to crawl through 10% of internet searches, it is no wonder why it produces high-quality content.

The process of writing is made simpler by the usage of cutting-edge technologies. So, Jasper AI may assist anyone who requires content in any format, industry, or category. To make your experience better, the developer team continuously adds new features.

In the long run, Jasper is definitely worth it. You can achieve so much with the right use of an AI tool.

I will conclude my Jasper AI review with one friendly piece of advice. Don’t take the AI content generator for granted. The best articles, blog posts, and sales pitches come from the irreplaceable human imagination.

Nowadays, combining human insights and AI-written content can be a powerful tool. To thrive, always give a heart to the content written by AI.


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