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Pirate Ship Shipping Software Review: Details, Pricing, & Features (2023)

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In recent years, online ordering has become a vital part of businesses worldwide as more customers opt for online shopping.In 2014, the shipping service Pirate Ship was developed for small businesses, offering them the cheapest shipping rates and simplifying their shipments.

But is Pirate Ship the right service for your business? Let’s find out through this comprehensive review.

How Does Pirate Ship Work?

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Pirate Ship is a free cloud-based solution that has gained popularity in the market for its affordability and extensive features.

It’s free, simple, and fun to use. You need to take only three steps so your packages are ready to ship to their destination.

Measure and Weigh Your Package

Accurately measure and weigh your packages using a scale and measuring tape before buying labels.

Pirate Ship will allow you to set presets for frequently shipped parcels, sparing you with the trouble of repeating the process.

Buy Shipping Label

You can buy shipping labels from Pirate Ship’s website using your credit or debit card.

The service also allows you to import any order from e-commerce platforms that they support to quickly buy the cheapest shipping labels in bulk.

One good thing about buying at their site is that you can compare rates with order services so you can see how much money you’ll save.

Give Package to Postage Services

Print the shipping labels using your label printer and then hand over your order to the USPS or UPS post office.

Pirate Ship has a package tracking feature that will allow you to track your package from the post office to its intended destination.

Features of Pirate Ship

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Pirate Ship has several features that make it a compelling option to consider.

When we did the Pirate Ship review, these were the most notable features that we found:

User-Friendly Interface

Pirate Ship’s site can be accessed through any browser and is easy to navigate and use, making it an ideal solution for businesses that have limited experience.

An app is also available for free for those who prefer to use their mobile phones to manage their company.

Package Tracking

Pirate Ship offers real-time package tracking so you can keep track of all your orders using their tracking numbers.

You can also use this to keep your customers up-to-date with their package information, such as delivery status.

Label Printing

It gives you the ability to print shipping labels for multiple orders simultaneously.

This saves you time and enhances the speed of your ordering process.


Pirate Ship integrates with popular e-commerce stores such as Shopify and Amazon, making importing items and managing the entire procedure a breeze.

International Shipping

Since all international shipments require customs forms and import duties, anytime you create an international label, Pirate Ship will automatically generate the forms for you.

This is available at discounted pricing so you can sell more products and expand your business on a global scale with ease.

Is Pirate Ship Legit?

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With such fantastic features, you might question Pirate Ship’s legitimacy and reliability.

Well, let us put your mind at ease. Pirate Ship is a legitimate and certified United States Postal Service provider. So, they’re permitted to provide their services to customers.

Plus, they have received positive reviews and ratings from their vast user base, indicating their trustworthy reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some common questions regarding Pirate Ship.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using Pirate Ship?

Its only drawback is that it currently only supports UPS and USPS options.

If you use other carriers, such as FedEx, you might need to consider another solution.

Does Pirate Ship Have a Customer Support?

Pirate Ship allows you to get direct customer support 14 hours a day through live chat or email.

Their support team quickly responds to any issues you may have and aims to resolve them immediately.

What Is the Price of Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship is completely free. There are absolutely no hidden or monthly fees that you’ll be charged with.

You’ll only need to pay the postage charges for the service you choose.

Pirate Ship also provides discounts of up to 89%, which helps small businesses save money.


Pirate Ship is a legit free software that can greatly benefit small businesses looking for a cheap but reliable solution for their needs.

Its comprehensive features and discounted pricing make it one of the best options to consider.

This is further strengthened by the fact that it’s so highly rated by its user community.


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